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LOL, now #Google is shutting down Allo. Is there any other company that has tossed even half the number of chat apps against the wall as Google?



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🚨 PSA: Flickr users with free accounts and > 1,000 photos 🚨

Come February 2019, Flickr will begin deleting your photos to bring the account down to the upcoming 1,000 photo limit, starting with oldest first.

Either upgrade to Flickr Pro for unlimited storage or download an archive.


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User: "I love apps!"

Dev: "Great, here's an app for $5!"

User: "Well I don't love apps *that* much..."

Dev: "Okay, here's an app for free with ads instead!"

User: "Ads are disgusting and immoral."

Dev: "Oh, uh, here's an app for free with in-app purchases and no ads!"

User: "In-App purchases are a cancer that's destroying the industry!"

Dev: "Well I'm out of ideas. No More app."

User: "Damn greedy devs stopped updating the app I paid for 5 years ago!"

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That SSH vulnerability is seriously messed up. It's basically this:

Bad guy: *knock knock*
SSH: "Who's there?"
Bad guy: "It's me, a good guy!"
SSH: *unlocks door* "Well come on in you silly goof!"

How does this even happen?! It's so ridiculous that it feels like it was probably intentionally planted in the project by someone nefarious.


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It's Bi Visibility Day!

:flag_bisexual: Spoil your friends who are attracted to more than one gender
:flag_bisexual: Challenge biphobia wherever you find it
:flag_bisexual: Be careful how you're using words like "straight" and "gay"; I promise you my marriage isn't straight even if it involves two people of different genders
:flag_bisexual: Show love and support to those of us for whom visibility isn't always possible, safe, or unconditional

Have a good day, whether you're bi or not :heart_bi:

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So I upgraded my iPhone 5s (that came with iOS 7) to iOS 12 last night. It’s somewhat amazing to me that it works at all, but it’s even more amazing that it works better now!🎉
Not a single keystroke was missed while typing this, and it doesn’t randomly hang anymore. It actually feels snappy again like it was when it was new🤗

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Why can you even navigate to this tab from the default signed out youtube view...

Yes, the keyboard will probably fail another time or two in the total life of this machine, but I'll survive.

My battery is 87 days old with 37 cycles, versus my 658 day old computer

The MacBook Pro keyboard debacle has an upside: 2 years in, I still have a perfect top case and brand new battery.

Good news is I’ll probably be given it retroactively at some point when it’s fixed, based on how achievements work.

I did a 50 minute walk today, but an iOS 12 bug broke the achievement 😂😭 mastodon.social/media/lH2LHSM6

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