My rental company allows paper or eCheck, but charges a $2 "convenience fee" for eCheck.

Did they ever consider that bill pay exists, so it's not actually more convenient for me? It just means now they have to process paper mail that my bank auto-sends them...

The astronomy wallpaper is living in a different world

I’m on the east coast and it’s only 1130am

Apple, Google, and Microsoft: We're working on Passkey support!

Apple, Google, and Microsoft: But you can't use them with our accounts, just other accounts

Minecraft 1.18 brings official support for the latest version (3.3) of LWJGL and Minecraft 1.19 brings ARM versions of all native code to the official package. All that's left is to enable using an ARM JRE and the game will officially support M1

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Earlier versions require a fair amount of fiddling to get them to launch. Unfortunately LWJGL has a method call that was changed from a no-op to an error in a more recent version of LWJGL, causing those earlier versions to crash when launched on the latest LWJGL.

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My extremely simple Minecraft launcher that brings M1 support with no install steps has gotten a fresh coat of paint!

Find it at

Siri just proclaimed it was "unable to stop" when asked to pause the music. 😅

Sleep tracking in watchOS 9 seems to work well, but “in bed” tracking is still a hot mess and doesn’t pull anything from the watch 🙃

For the tenth year in a row I guess I’m gonna install a super buggy OS on my personal computer on day one aren’t I haha

@bigzaphod not nearly as bad but UPS claims this laptop is gonna here in Massachusetts in 4 hours, despite just clearing customs

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Якщо ви прибули до ЄС, рятуючись від війни в Україні, на нашій сторінці ви можете знайти інформацію про:

🚸Захист дітей
🎓 Освіту
🩺Охорону здоров’я

🔗ЄС підтримує Україну.➞!tDHMPQ

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Verizon FIOS: $39/month, no taxes, no install fee, 300 Mb/s in both directions.

Spectrum: $49/month for a year, but taxes aren’t included so it’s actually $55/month. And they charge $19 for a self-install! And to cap it all of the upload speeds are horrendous: 200 Mb/s down 10 Mb/s up.

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Dog pic 

Nova is so proud to have caught the ball mid-air!

Can I disable cw’s for text content? I get it-I don’t want people to not label things, but it’s annoying to have my whole feed be a mix of (often! poorly labeled) disclosure buttons

If you’re going to CW half your posts please explain what’s inside. Just “stuff” isn’t sufficient lol.

Just hit 14 days on Duolingo learning Norwegian. Lost my 450 day streak last month.

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