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Sapporo has had half the snowfall compared to last year at this time. Have yet to even try snowshoeing in the local mountains. Heard foreign news outlets report that the Snow Festival may be in jeopardy. (Jan 31st start)

Nothing will snap you out of 3 months of voluntary teetotaling like a couple 9% pear flavored chu-hais! Giddyup!

Had read about Uniqlo switching completely to self checkout before, but seeing it in action today was creepy. Self checkout it the only choice. The woman in this video profusely declares "Awesome!" as she goes through the process. No... frightening, this is just phase one.

getting hammered with some snow, finally! Hopefully some this weekend.

“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.” - Epictetus

Anyone trying to slog through "Finnegans Wake" should check out Waywords and Meansigns - Joyce's Finnegans Wake Set to Music It is awesome, and makes the text come alive.

Sapporo is finally starting to get some snow accumulation, just a few solid snowfalls away from snowshoeing, but we're getting there.

I want to thank Robotime Technology and the workers at the Suzhou Industrial Park in China for this Christmas' miniature model project.

After 200 pages of "Homo Deus", I decided to go full and buy his other two books. Reading locked in for 2020.

Kouhaku ( ) is a cheesy B-list pop singing "contest" that runs all New Year's Eve until midnight in . Its production quality is borderline 1970-ish kitch. Even more worrisome is why my 80 year old in-laws watch it every single year. Simple answer: "Because it's on."

Only 30 pages in and I know I made a great decision for my New Year's reading. Harari's "Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow".

Studying for the LPIC-202 is no joke, especially when you're just a Linux enthusiast and don't really work on servers day-to-day.

‘When all think alike, none are thinking.’ - Walter Lippman

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