Summers - Too hot to do anything
Monsoons - Too rainy to do anything
Winters - Too cold to do anything

Rust folks are referred to as rustaceans, quite ingenious I must say !!

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While trying to do some reading on C, came across this, a different kind of pointer to pointer. Lol.

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Someday I'll do a git push without hearing Salt N Pepa in my head

Today is not that day

It seems kindle will start supporting epub files. No more converting epub to mobi.

Today I learned that when wading through this hell aka C, gdb can come in quite handy !!

Getting a rejection mail with the subject as "It's not you, it's us" makes it sting a little less. 😀

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Music, MLTR 

This one's a groovy one. Used to listen to this way back during the walkman and cassette days !!

What's with being a paid app on the Google play store !!

Manjaro seems to be shipping updates a lot less frequently of late !!

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git pro tip 

`git log -S some_variable_name` returns all commits where `some_variable_name` is in the diff (either removed, added, or modified)

super useful for tracking down regressions where you know the variable that's the culprit

It's great to see how rich the AUR is and that most of the snap packages have an AUR equivalent. So yay!!

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Finally got around to resolving the key binding issue with and might I just say how awesome it is. Gives you a great experience, so much faster and supports vi key bindings.

Was working without a battery icon since yesterday while setting up qtile with some associated apps, nearly had my system running out of juice twice, there comes cbatticon (which I came to know through someone's dotfiles) and saves the day for me. Now it sits and adorns my systray. 😆 😆

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