Just a little opinion piece by me, about that the web should be designed for everyone and accessible from any medium … and the blues I got while trying to improve screen reader support and print stylesheets for a personal website.


My 2013 MacBook Pro is starting to show its age, so I looked into desktop/mobile workstations over the last days for digital illustration. It’s pretty impressive to see the specs of these systems, but also very sobering to see their price tags, no matter whether its a Mac or PC (while PC systems often have way more versatile hardware and there are even ultra-portable notebooks with Xeon CPUs, workstation graphics and upgradable memory). 😞

After just a few hours of trial and error, I am beginning to understand CSS border-image. Very great property that came a little too late … but once design trends change again, it could ecome very handy. ;-) I just don’t get how to use @2X graphics with it for HighDPI screens … has anyone already figured out how this works?

Just checked eBay for used MacBooks. It really makes me sad to see that most of the machines will become obsolete much sooner than they used to, just because the RAM is not upgradable and lots of people bought them without thinking ahead. Is this supposed to be the great progress of sustainability Apple always brags about?

I've made a lot of progress today with my #Mac client app for #Nextcloud Notes…

I've got just about everything working now except for categories, but there are still some rough edges that need some work

It makes me a bit sad, but the amount of money/work needed to incorporate Japanese characters with style into my headlines (not to forget the performance penaltiy of loading a Kanji font) is probably not worth it. As the recipe collection grows, I will probably add recipes from allover the world, which would require me to have sth. like an international handwriting font. Realizing the complexity and limitations of this really blew my mind.

Lession learned: Working on a personal cooking website, I wanted some kind of rough look for the headlines. There’s actually a ton of great free handwriting fonts out there … for roman languages. As I love Japanese cuisine, this is really a problem as I like to incorporate original names into recipe titles. Fallback CJK glyphs from system fonts play nice enough with almost any sans-serif, but once you get funkier, the combination with these Kanji/Hiragana and looks pretty awkward.

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The worst thing about lurking for spare parts for an old iPod Video on eBay is, that you have to see Bono’s face dozens of times a day. I wish there was sth. like a U2-blocker addon for .


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