Just learned about Iosevka Comfy, a custom version of the Iosevka font by Protesilaos.


Context: I love Iosevka, I don't think I could be using any other font on my system (i.e. Emacs and terminal) - but a Iosevka variant by Prot? Yes, I'm definitely looking forward to trying it!

Ah!! I sent a couple of (honestly absolutely trivial!) LaTeX-related patches to GNU Guix a few days ago and my changes have just been approved and merged today! I had to share my excitment, yay!!

His site is rather interesting. Here's a post discussing how to encode bytes into pronounceable words rather than hex.


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Coping with extreme weather... Aluminium foil on window panes.

Learn Lisp! Learn Scheme! Upgrade your programming skills! Come to our live tutorial tomorrow! octodon.social/@cwebber/108652

OMG! I'm so excited to announce that through my work at @spritelyinst we've published A Scheme Primer: spritely.institute/news/the-sp
Direct link: spritely.institute/static/pape

This document manages to serve two purposes:
- As a quick skim, it's a reasonable intro to "how to start programming with Scheme with no prior experience". Hey, tutorials are useful!
- But also, in less than 30 pages we manage to compress a TON of computer science ideas in a way that I think is really, really approachable.

The document ends with a code example, and full walkthrough, of a Scheme interpreter written in Scheme... in a mere 30 lines of code! It's like 3/4 of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs compressed into a document you could read in an afternoon!

I've noticed that the periodic complaining about Git is happening again. Git clearly has usability issues given how many people struggle with it but it's not my experience. once I understood the basics it just clicked with me. if I was asked to make a Top 10 list of developer tools I would probably rank it #2 just below Emacs.

Still work-in-progress and still very much in the FWIW category, but here's an updated version of Batch Email:


And its repo:


Hey friends. I grew tired if writing repetitive emails that follow a boilerplate with just minor variations, e.g. when sending invoices. So I thought of automating this by writing some helper function.

The result is a work-in-progress Emacs Lisp library* called Org Batch Email.


This is worth nobody's time but if some good -soul wanted to have a look and provide any feedback, I'd be glad to hear.

(*) Literally just three lines of Lisp in a trenchcoat.

💡 ✨ Random Mosaic: Detecting unauthorized physical access with beans, lentils and colored rice

#infosec #security


If you ask to borrow Rick Astley's copy of the movie UP, he cannot give you UP, but by refusing, he would have to let you down. This is known as the Astley paradox.

"I’m using Linux. A library that emacs uses to communicate with Intel hardware.” – Erwin, , Freenode.

(Mastering Emacs – Mickey Petersen)

The #Guix reference card got an update!

Now features ‘guix shell’, ‘guix home’, and more.

#Emacs #OrgMode #LaTeX 

I'm pretty sure this is of no use to anyone other than myself, but I put together a small system to create PDF price quotations:


It's based on , , and and it comes with instructions on how to set it up under .

An example PDF quote is attached! :)

Nerd ramblings re IRC 

I know there are specs out there (e.g. ircv3.net/ and modern.ircdocs.horse/) that'd help me pick a better client/bouncer combination, but that's a rabbit hole I'm not sure I want to dive in. I might resume tmux+autossh instead.

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