, Feb edition of CryptoPartyLDN, is tonite.

- Workshops w/ infosec trainers & digital experts

- A talk by Free Software Foundation President, Dr Stallman

GRATIS! 630pm onward, Juju's Bar and Stage, 15 Hanbury St, E1 6QR London

⚡️🍹🥁 cryptoparty.in/london

Best was a friend saying: "There's so much to do I can't even keep track of the things I'm missing."

Huge day 1 at . Massive location, even better than CCH. Particularly enjoyed these two talks:

- fahrplan.events.ccc.de/congres

- fahrplan.events.ccc.de/congres

Videos soon here media.ccc.de/, I suppose.

Spoke with lovely friends from the CryptoParty community. It's 11pm and we're still half way through the day, I guess?

Hey, to all my Mastodon friends from (and beyond), we're organising another event on 16th Oct. Details: cryptoparty.in/london Join us and spread the word if you can. C u there! <3 :) mastodon.social/media/vMMGoghY

What is the best site/resource you know for learning -with examples- to do slick muttrc config files (including GPG and all)?


We'll be organising a fantastic™ cryptoparty in London on 11th September. There will be music, digital art, and encrypted lolcats. More info: cryptoparty.in/london Do join us and spread the word if you can. ^F

I'm looking for a -angel voucher for - if you happen to have a spare one. Can offer lolcats and Rick Astley mp3s in exchange. :)

All you wanted to know about decentralised systems - recent history, pros/cons, future developments. petsymposium.org/2017/papers/i

Is the best we came up with for simplifying ? Srsly? Complexity is such a drag. Eg docker-machine + volumes is a pita.

I stand with these artists, journalists, musicians, whistleblowers & human rights defenders to protect press freedom iamwikileaks.org/openletter/

Windows 10 S will only allow you to run apps from the Microsoft Store, which means you can't run iTunes or Chrome, unless you pay US$49 to upgrade it into an actual Windows.

I'm fairly sure RMS warned us around 20 years ago that this kind of stuff was coming, and people laughed and said 'that's paranoia, they'll never lock the desktop down that far'.


Last not least in today's list of recommendations, infosecbytes.org have released their first set of video guides yesterday. Do check them out, it's great stuff.

I'll be at V&A for a late night event completely dedicated to tonight. Check out the Data Detox station for tips on how to defend your privacy in this era of digital surveillance. :) vam.ac.uk/info/friday-late

Today I had another chance to go through Share Lab's amazing work on the Hacking Team leak and the value of metadata. Give it a look if you haven't already! labs.rs/en/metadata/

"[The] seemingly minor discovery out of an arcane branch of mathematics [will] come to be the wire clippers which dismantle the barbed wire around intellectual property." -- Tim May, activism.net/cypherpunk/crypto

My friends at compiler.zone/ and I organised a in New Cross Gate last night. It was a proper bar, with real -themed cocktails actually served. Among the most successful cocktails, "50 shades of encryption", "Plaintext blues" and "The Devil's fingerprint". mastodon.social/media/IeKKFJ5s mastodon.social/media/lsi4yNR2 mastodon.social/media/sgHvb50c

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