Upcoming Cryptoparty London will cover #nextcloud installation. Stay in control over your data!
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Concerned by your dependence to the tech giants’ cloud? My workshop at the next @CryptoPartyLDN will cover how to use @Nextclouders to take back control of your data. twitter.com/CryptoPartyLDN/sta

#35C3 was so amazing! Again best Congress ever!

So beautiful, fun and smart! So many issues about big, cold, empty venue were fixed beautifully! Komona village! that Disco! Wow!

Feels so empowering to belong to such a smart bunch of people, caring for each other, nurturing our diversity through learning and sharing! Steady increase in proportion of women, queer &non-binary people confirms we're doing it right!

Thanks to everyone who was part of making it happen! <3

See you at Camp! <3

We are at #35C3!!! Find us in about:freedom cluster (by the info desk) for stickers or a nice chat.

Trainers/Teachers/Angels/... needed! Come and help us with the huge #35C3 #CryptoParty in Leipzig on Dec 27th: cryptoparty.in/35c3#sessions

, Feb edition of CryptoPartyLDN, is tonite.

- Workshops w/ infosec trainers & digital experts

- A talk by Free Software Foundation President, Dr Stallman

GRATIS! 630pm onward, Juju's Bar and Stage, 15 Hanbury St, E1 6QR London

⚡️🍹🥁 cryptoparty.in/london

Best was a friend saying: "There's so much to do I can't even keep track of the things I'm missing."

Huge day 1 at . Massive location, even better than CCH. Particularly enjoyed these two talks:

- fahrplan.events.ccc.de/congres

- fahrplan.events.ccc.de/congres

Videos soon here media.ccc.de/, I suppose.

Spoke with lovely friends from the CryptoParty community. It's 11pm and we're still half way through the day, I guess?

Hey, to all my Mastodon friends from (and beyond), we're organising another event on 16th Oct. Details: cryptoparty.in/london Join us and spread the word if you can. C u there! <3 :) mastodon.social/media/vMMGoghY

What is the best site/resource you know for learning -with examples- to do slick muttrc config files (including GPG and all)?


We'll be organising a fantastic™ cryptoparty in London on 11th September. There will be music, digital art, and encrypted lolcats. More info: cryptoparty.in/london Do join us and spread the word if you can. ^F

I'm looking for a -angel voucher for - if you happen to have a spare one. Can offer lolcats and Rick Astley mp3s in exchange. :)

All you wanted to know about decentralised systems - recent history, pros/cons, future developments. petsymposium.org/2017/papers/i

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