#GNU #Guile 3.0.6 released! 🎉

Among the highlights are the inclusion of a bundled mini-GMP, a new ‘read’ in #Scheme, and various optimizations.

If you want to contribute to #orgmode (#emacs) with a useful, easy (and yes, a bit boring) task, we are looking for someone to take charge of reproducing bugs 🐞 reported to the list:


RT appreciated. 🙏

We announced "guix home: Call for Early Adopters".

`guix home` utilizes wonderful Guix package manager :guix: and provide an ability to manage your user's packages and configurations in a declarative and reproducible way.

If you already want to try `guix home`, consider yourself at least advanced GNU/Linux user and have some spare time. Open the link below, read the thread and join!)


Toot if you have any questions.

Boost, please!)

#guix #gnu #floss #foss #guixhome

📢 Calling all Guix around the world!

A new release of GNU Guix is coming soon (version 1.2.1). Please test everything you can and report any issues you find 🙂


Release status:


Issue tracker:


#GNU #guix #GuixSystem

Dear , a curated list of streams with URLs that can be fed into a player (eg MPlayer)? Many thanks, F. :) <3

RT @hpk42: Well, not to tout myself too much but I thought about this "dependency confusion" attack when I co-created devpi.net to allow to have "curated package indexes" fronting general PyPI, the Python package index.

I started looking at Autotools (specifically for packaging Guile stuff). The complexity of it... I want to cry, it's so depressing.

I know... power, flexibility, the advantages of a universal build mechanism, ... That's why I'm keen on Autotools over alternatives... but still, it's so painful.

Why can't we have simple things? :(

i made some edits to my post about evaluating the ethics of the computer technology i use the most - nthall.com/posts/personal-tech

Guix has made it into Debian Unstable! This means Debian users can use Guix as a "userspace" package manager now! tracker.debian.org/pkg/guix

This is really wonderful! Debian and Guix both care deeply about reproducibility.

This could be a big win for user freedom on both (cotd ...)

tl;dr: Ship every FOSS project with a "guix.scm" file.

These can be used to set up dev environments with
"guix environment -l guix.scm"

Projects built using Guix as a dev environment are free from the "binary-black-box-container-only" plague, healthier for user freedom!

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The Guix community is so nice and thoughtful, really an oasis in FOSS... that's not an accident though; thank you to the Guix leadership and team for working hard to make it that way.

I'm just thinking about this blog post I wrote in 2018. Because even when Twitter makes a good decision, the first sentence comes to mind: Why does the entire world have to wait on the CEO of one US company to make a decision?


Sorry to keep bothering you with this i3 thread, but here's another good one.

In a multi monitor setup, this is to restrict workspace prev/next to the current monitor: `prev_on_output` and `next_on_output`.


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Added a couple of lines to my config to improve my multi monitor setup. It feels so good to be able to move entire workspaces between monitors. Filed under weekend , I guess? :D

# Move focused workspace to another monitor
bindsym $mod+ctrl+shift+Left move workspace to output left
bindsym $mod+ctrl+shift+Right move workspace to output right

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