@orionholmes Matrix lets you choose which server you expose your metadata to, even one you host yourself.

Signal forces all metadata, including phone numbers, to be centralized on servers they control and could easily plaintext any time they want.

I'll take freedom over a walled garden any day.

I finally got to give (matrix.org) a good try, thanks to a friend who helped me set up an account and patiently walked me through the verification process multiple times. :)

I'm very positively impressed!

✓ End-to-end encryption (where possible)
✓ Decentralised (yay!)
✓ Open protocol and has a number of FLOSS clients
✓ Bridges with (and others)
✓ Video and audio calls
✓ The clients I've tried so far all have good UX

Google and Microsoft have really ruined how people use email. Every other person use top posting. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

@codeberg I deleted my #GitHub account three years ago. I used it to contribute to Free Software projects that only use this proprietary platform. When I started using GitHub I constantly tried (and failed) to convince projects to self-host using Free Software instead. As more and more Free Software projects I care about moved to GitHub, I ended up using it daily and it made me sad.

I started the @fedeproxy project this year to federate projects out of GitHub.

Reading Emacs Literate DevOps made me want to return to using #Emacs #OrgMode after a break.

Turns out Org-Mode is great for documenting experiments. For example, I’m preparing for implementation of a client for an API provided to my employer. So I’ve set up an Org-Mode file to document my findings.

Right now I’m adding stuff like

#+NAME: token #+BEGIN_SRC shell :cache yes :var host=host-name cred=credentials curl -u $cred $host \ | jq '.path.to.token' \ | sed -e 's/^"//; s/"$//;' #+END_SRC

and reusing token in other snippets I collect along the way.

And this is awesome. :dudeeuphoric:

Next #Cryptoparty from #Berlin, online:
Tue, May 25th, 7pm CEST

- encrypt communication
- secure browsing
- encrypt harddisk or thumbdrives
- mobile security
- secure passwords
- free software

join here:


#privacy #security

My org is looking for an asciidoc or markdown toolchain consultant. We need templates and tooling that end up with PDF docs. It all needs to be FOSS, usable by people on Linux/Mac/Windows, and backed by git or svn. We're command line, emacs, vim types, but interested in guis too.

For reference, we have a Latex -> PDF repo: github.com/OpenTechStrategies/

If you're interested, hop into chat.opentechstrategies.com and say hi!

All leads appreciated. Feel free to circulate this notice. Thanks!

Looking for your friendly Guix hackers?

Search no more! They’re now on #guix (and #guix-hpc) on irc.libera.chat.

Both iOS and Desktop are nearing the major 1.20 "Delta Chat becomes a full-blown e-mail app" milestone ... curling it up-hill issue by issue like good old Sisyphos -- which you may imagine as a happy person ;)

#GNU #Guile 3.0.6 released! 🎉

Among the highlights are the inclusion of a bundled mini-GMP, a new ‘read’ in #Scheme, and various optimizations.

If you want to contribute to #orgmode (#emacs) with a useful, easy (and yes, a bit boring) task, we are looking for someone to take charge of reproducing bugs 🐞 reported to the list:


RT appreciated. 🙏

We announced "guix home: Call for Early Adopters".

`guix home` utilizes wonderful Guix package manager :guix: and provide an ability to manage your user's packages and configurations in a declarative and reproducible way.

If you already want to try `guix home`, consider yourself at least advanced GNU/Linux user and have some spare time. Open the link below, read the thread and join!)


Toot if you have any questions.

Boost, please!)

#guix #gnu #floss #foss #guixhome

📢 Calling all Guix around the world!

A new release of GNU Guix is coming soon (version 1.2.1). Please test everything you can and report any issues you find 🙂


Release status:


Issue tracker:


#GNU #guix #GuixSystem

Dear , a curated list of streams with URLs that can be fed into a player (eg MPlayer)? Many thanks, F. :) <3

RT @hpk42: Well, not to tout myself too much but I thought about this "dependency confusion" attack when I co-created devpi.net to allow to have "curated package indexes" fronting general PyPI, the Python package index.

I started looking at Autotools (specifically for packaging Guile stuff). The complexity of it... I want to cry, it's so depressing.

I know... power, flexibility, the advantages of a universal build mechanism, ... That's why I'm keen on Autotools over alternatives... but still, it's so painful.

Why can't we have simple things? :(

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