Learn how to make the bowline knot today, it's very simple, and extremely useful.

@neauoire hah, when I was learning to sail, I had to learn ~20 different knots, with the instructors adamant that they're all necessary and used all the time.

In practice, turns out I use the bowline knot almost for everything. And so does everyone else I had sailed with.

@rysiek I can confirm, we've been sailing for 4 years with this knot as our main go-to.


@neauoire @rysiek Also v popular in mountain climbing by the way, particularly the "double" version. Yes, definitely a precious and versatile thing to learn. ⛵🧗

@fabionatali @neauoire absolutely. I had to learn to tie it with one hand on a semi-tense rope, too (since it's the best way to tie yourself to a rope thrown your way if you fall overboard)

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