What are my using as software these days? Anything in particular that can backup to some cloud storage?

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@fabionatali using Arq on macOS to Backblaze B2 (at least there’s an open-source decoder), but looking around at other backup options that are more open/would run on a wider variety of systems (and dedupe better)

@shi Hey, thanks for that! Borg (which I'm familiar with already) and Restic seem to be the two popular floss alternatives.

The issue with Borg is that it doesn't support cloud storage out-of-the-box, eg no support for S3-compliant services. The recommended work-around, if I got it correctly, is to "borg" to a local folder (or to a vps) and then sync to S3 with awscli or boto.

Thanks for mentioning Arq. I'll post any further findings here, for what it's worth.

@fabionatali Duplicacy also looked interesting in the most recent round of idle research, but haven’t tested it yet

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