The 1979 paper "Password security: a case history" by Robert Morris and Ken Thompson is really, really good. It documents the evolution of the UNIX password security implementation, from "store all password in cleartext in the same file" to something that uses a slow algorithm and salting to defend against attacks such as the whole password database leaking, brute force guessing, dictionary attackes, and rainbow attackes.

Pre-publication PDF:

hey y'all, I would appreciate boosts for this, there's a petition appealing to the British government for the removal of gender markers from ID (passports, drivers license, etc) and only folks from the UK may sign it but if it reaches 10,000 signatures, it is guaranteed a response from the government and if it reaches 100,000 it may even be debated in parliament

it only takes a few seconds to sign but could make a massive difference

IRC in 2020:

> still a really useful and good platform especially for software minimalists [0]

+1 :) <3

- [0]

“One aspect of computing and software design that many developers nowadays seem to forget is that over half of the world’s population does not have access to fast Internet and many people, even in developed countries, are limited by bandwidth caps and spotty satellite or mobile Internet access. For these people, IRC can be the much better option compared to other collaboration platforms such as RocketChat, Mattermost, Slack, or Matrix, even if they have to use an IRC bouncer or a screen/tmux session on a remote server to not miss things if their connection is that spotty.”

@shi Hey, thanks for that! Borg (which I'm familiar with already) and Restic seem to be the two popular floss alternatives.

The issue with Borg is that it doesn't support cloud storage out-of-the-box, eg no support for S3-compliant services. The recommended work-around, if I got it correctly, is to "borg" to a local folder (or to a vps) and then sync to S3 with awscli or boto.

Thanks for mentioning Arq. I'll post any further findings here, for what it's worth.

What are my using as software these days? Anything in particular that can backup to some cloud storage?

Emacs' Markdown mode makes creating/editing tables such a joy, with tab-completion and everything!

| How much I... | | ...use |
| Emacs | 10 | Always |
| Markdown | 10 | Very often |

(Yeah, I know this is not going to display well here, but I couldn't help it.)

Some brilliant insights that, overall, are not far from my way of intending technology. Recommendations for some healthy tech minimalism and de-growth. A shift of paradigm where technology objectives get profoundly redefined.

Mutt is 25 years old, shout out to my favourite e-mail client

UX and over-simplified interfaces can make our technology more opaque. This complexity-hiding operation can ultimately hinder our understanding of technology and the politics/ethics behind it. "We need to know things better if we want to be better."

Sankey diagrams are named after a mechanical engineer:
The attached image (from Wikipedia) is the first Sankey diagram, as published in "The Thermal Efficiency Of Steam Engines" (1898).

Learning readline saves as much time as learning vim saves.

#linux #commandline

We're here quibbling over intricate libre drama and Google are literally installing their own undersea cables:

Python dev? I highly recommend you stick bandit ( and safety ( in your build pipeline. Their advice is super actionable, and they both tend to have low false positives. Make your code better and more secure today!

Hahahaha amazing photo. New York police guarding the bull statue on Wall Street is the perfect symbol for the true role that cops play in capitalist society: protecting private property

They are the violence that the capitalist state uses to shield the rich elite from the masses
RT @PNickCurran
NYPD out here protecting the Wall Street bull.

Design systems, LaTeX 

@0xD Hey Dietmar, thanks for this.

Troff is great but I think I am looking for a sort of "style guide" more than a specific tool. In terms of the tool itself, I think I'll be fine with LaTeX.

But again, thanks, much appreciated. And I guess Troff comes with its own aesthetics, so it can be an inspiration.

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