An interesting article [0] about the spread of technology (eg Amazon's Echo and Google's Home), how that can endanger our , and what alternatives are available.

In terms of alternatives, for instance, Mycroft [1] is a free and open-source voice assistant for GNU/Linux.

- [0] by @glynmoody
- [1]

8 and 144 are the only numbers (`fib(6)` and `fib(12)`, respectively) that are the product of other Fibonacci numbers. And 144 is the only Fibonacci square. (Except for trivial cases.)

“How I wish, how I wish you were here, Julian” Roger Waters sings in support of Julian Assange in front of UK Home Office HQ in Central London, -event not covered by the MSM. "Did you exchange/ A walk-on part in the war/ For a lead role in a cage?"

Roger Waters: "This smear campaign against him [Assange] is all about getting him extradited to the US. They want him dead as a warning (...) The message is: if you tell the truth, we will kill you, watch! The same with Chelsea Manning"

Reminder why does NOT recommend using Brave:

-Brave is a for-profit ad sales and cryptocurrency promotion company, funded by venture capital firms. Its primary purpose is to make money, not protect privacy.

-Top of the list of Brave's VC owners is Founders Fund, which is Peter Thiel's company ( )

-Peter Thiel is also the head of Palantir, which makes its money by spying on the general public ( )

#Brave #PeterThiel #Palantir

Event: On Monday, 2 Sept at 6pm, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd will perform 'Wish You Here' for Julian #Assange outside the Home Office (interior ministry) in Marsham Street in the heart of London.

#Python #Jupyter notebooks 

Firefox's default behaviour is to hide the tab labels when in fullscreen mode. If you get annoyed by this as much as I do, visit `about:config` and switch `browser.fullscreen.autohide` to false.


Reminder! Next CPLDN is tomorrow! :) 

Announcement, next #CryptoParty London. 

Wow, I've just got this right on first attempt! `rename 's/(.*)_(2014[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9])/$2_$1/' *pdf`

Software License Question 

@gueorgui @eli_oat No prob! Feel free to keep me posted. If you want to share a Minimal Working Example of your current setup I could see if/how my little Pandoc toolchain can be adapted to it. Best, F.

How to enable DNS-over-HTTPS () in Mozilla .


- Open `about:config` in Firefox
- Set `network.trr.mode` to 2 (defaults to system DNS) or 3 (DoH only)
- Set `network.trr.uri` to your fav DoH provider
- Check, eg

@gueorgui @eli_oat Yeah, I was also going to recommend .

It can easily generate PDFs out of a number of other different file formats - eg or . Here for a stupid little example [0].

Pandoc's default behaviour can also be tweaked using extensions [1] and filters [2].

- [0]
- [1]
- [2]

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