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What's your favourite setup, especially when it comes to achieving persistence? All feedback/recommendations welcome! :)

Here it is! I wrote up about building Terminal Phase, a space shooter which runs in your terminal, using the Racket programming language

Getting close to hitting the milestone for me to turn it into a full game:

Live AV / AV Screenings / Talks
Sunday, 1 December 2019
from 14:00-20:30

with AV program 3D Futura Show

Each year, the 3D FuturaShow includes the most outstanding international works in digital animation and reflects the evolution of this creative field. Great studios, specialized schools and freelance artists. Everything has a place in this program that surprises us every year for its originality and technical ability.

Including new works by Cool 3D World, Frederik Heyman, Julius Horsthuis, Maxim Zhestkov, KlaudiuszWesolowski, SeviIkoDomochevsky, Giselle Angeles, Unity...



The terminal-based retro shooter now has moving terrain!

Excited about this? Want this FOSS shooter to be a reality? We're 80% of the way to the goal

The Glass Room San Francisco is running from 16 October to 3 November daily, and is situated at 838 Market Street, San Francisco come over and say hi!

@emacsomancer Sure thing. That’s why I avoid corporation‑driven projects when I can. Corporation needs come always first.

And now Microsoft et al is in The Linux Foundation sponsoring more and more projects aligned with their needs.

That’s why folks fixated on systemd miss the point.
The whole stack is more and more about Big Corp and hostile to ‘commons’.

We need to create what we want. Demanding stuff from them is waste of time.

@thomasfuchs @Lofenyy

@jamey @tomasino There's also which is global and FOSS. Federation is/will be a game changer though.

Anyone on the path from your network to your DNS resolver (where domains are converted to IP addresses) can collect info on what sites you visit—potentially blocking content or spoofing your DNS to return an incorrect, even dangerous result.

DoH can help.

#36c3 #fediverse meetup?

If you are going to congress, do you want to meet #fediverse folks?

Please boost!

In 2 weeks we'll be opening The Glass Room in #SF alongside - a provocative, engaging public intervention to examine tech's impact on society with over 50 exhibits, daily talks, workshops and hands on advice. Oct 16 - Nov 3, 838 Market St.

it’s a working system. the only thing left to validate is the charger / battery monitor. then it’s time for board rev 2, finishing the case design and kick off the crowdfunding

A pro-tip: prepend a `*` at the beginning of a function's signature to make the function kwargs-only. (Python 3 only.)

>>> def f(*, x):
... return x
>>> f(x=42)
>>> f(42)
TypeError: f() takes 0 positional arguments but 1 was given

Sometimes I'll typo things phonetically. Like I'll write "place" instead of "plays". It's weird

An interesting article [0] about the spread of technology (eg Amazon's Echo and Google's Home), how that can endanger our , and what alternatives are available.

In terms of alternatives, for instance, Mycroft [1] is a free and open-source voice assistant for GNU/Linux.

- [0] by @glynmoody
- [1]

8 and 144 are the only numbers (`fib(6)` and `fib(12)`, respectively) that are the product of other Fibonacci numbers. And 144 is the only Fibonacci square. (Except for trivial cases.)

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