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Some brilliant insights that, overall, are not far from my way of intending technology. Recommendations for some healthy tech minimalism and de-growth. A shift of paradigm where technology objectives get profoundly redefined.

UX and over-simplified interfaces can make our technology more opaque. This complexity-hiding operation can ultimately hinder our understanding of technology and the politics/ethics behind it. "We need to know things better if we want to be better."

Sankey diagrams are named after a mechanical engineer:
The attached image (from Wikipedia) is the first Sankey diagram, as published in "The Thermal Efficiency Of Steam Engines" (1898).

Learning readline saves as much time as learning vim saves.

#linux #commandline

We're here quibbling over intricate libre drama and Google are literally installing their own undersea cables:

Python dev? I highly recommend you stick bandit ( and safety ( in your build pipeline. Their advice is super actionable, and they both tend to have low false positives. Make your code better and more secure today!

Hahahaha amazing photo. New York police guarding the bull statue on Wall Street is the perfect symbol for the true role that cops play in capitalist society: protecting private property

They are the violence that the capitalist state uses to shield the rich elite from the masses
RT @PNickCurran
NYPD out here protecting the Wall Street bull.

Design systems, LaTeX 

Just to be clear, it doesn't have to be a LaTeX template.

LaTeX would be great, as that's what I'd be using ultimately, but I'm perfectly fine with a general set of guidelines or design system.

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Design systems, LaTeX 

Dear Lazy Fediverse,

Anyone knows of a design system [0] that is meant for text-based printed materials (eg a report) as opposed to websites, mobile apps, etc?

The ideal system should:
- work for printed reports that are mostly text-based
- come with a series of example templates

I suppose I'm looking for something along the lines of a Tufte [1] design guide?

- [0]
- [1]

I ordered my MNT Reform. I am SO EXCITED!

Where other computing choices are heading in the direction of being locked-down-planned-obselesence--black-boxes, the MNT Reform provides a repairable, tinkerable breath of fresh air.

For all users and all lispers in the room, but also for everyone interested in 30 years of CS history and programming language design, here's [0] a good long read on the evolution of Emacs .

It must have been circulated widely already, but just in case you've missed it...

- [0]

Learn how to make the bowline knot today, it's very simple, and extremely useful.

Random-typing and mistyping is how I developed most of my computer skills (lol).

A mistyped tmux key combo (prefix + t) gave me access to this nice console clock. :) <3

Are you a student with a flair for design, looking for a paid #internship in #Berlin? We're hiring a #design intern to help with our (highly visible) print materials and public-facing websites. The deadline for applications is 18th March. More details:

i hate to be a grammar snob, but it should actually be "Fewer Miserables"

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