I created an Awesome Networking collection of awesome tools, courses and other resources for Network Administrations and . Feel free to check it out and contribute if you want. :) github.com/facyber/awesome-net

I wrote a simple Subnet Calculator in Python for all those who needs to quick get basic infos about some ip address. It's free and open source of course github.com/facyber/pynetcalc

Boostnote is an excelent note taking app for developers but only for Desktop. Android version is just bad.

Our encrypted emails can't get any easier. 😉 Watch this great tutorial from Justice and Peace Nederland and sign up for your own secure mailbox: tutanota.com/ 😀


Moving away from Google, also means not using Youtube anymore.

Facebook wants me to pay them to boost one of my posts, specifically the post about how I'm deleting my Facebook account in a few days.

Whatcha think the odds are for that?

The recent Facebook scandal has proven once more that we can't trust huge corporations with our data. Take back your data now. Join us here on Mastodon, all welcome. 😉

I made a group of repos in ElenQ-s repository for notes, exercises and examples. I'm reusing the content I use for my students.

At the moment the examples part has comments in Spanish but I may translate them to English too and organize a course here if you want to take part.


You can encourage that open-knowledge behavior you can donate something here:


or here:


It would be nice if more people would care about their Internet privacy and rights.


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