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What is this, like Diaspora? Might as well try it.

I feel they missed an opportunity in Skyrim by not setting rabbits to do incredible damage when they attack after you cast a frenzy spell.

I like how folding @ home made a comeback with work on covid, feeling like I did back when it was on the PS3 and before everyone turned their computers toward calculating digital money instead.

"this software is written messy, I'll rewrite it more cleanly"

"oh, there's some corner cases and bugs I need to account for"

*new code is just as messy as original, which was messy for a reason*

And that is why we'll rewrite all software forever.

Rune, American McGee's Alice, 2000 era third-person adventure games were good

Whelp. We've come full circle. From the keyboard form factors of computers like the Commodore 64, to now the Raspberry Pi in a keyboard.

cryptoparty, but like, a party with cryptids

Shadow of the Colossus is a great game, especially the high def re-release, is mostly vast empty landscapes giving it a beautiful quietness.

This is on my list of recommended must-play.

character Gnome Chomsky

That's it. That's the toot.

shout out to everyone that bought the big spindle of burnable CDs thinking "I'm set for a while" and have no use for them now

mask in public bonus: I can grin like an idiot in public after thinking of something silly and no one will give me strange looks

Mid-day report from the its-always-something department:

Remote gdb through Qt Creator not working even though can use gdb directly.

Also, may have mistyped key combo to lock laptop, it seems that was the secret keys to kill USB on my laptop dock, keyboard doesnt work there anymore, but works on USB hub.

another missive from the its-always-something department:

one timestamp was correct, but another was off.

fixed the incorrect one, changing nothing for the one that was correct.

the incorrect one is fixed, the previously correct one now has an issue

You know about the ++ and -- operators, but do you know about the +- and -+ operators in C?

int main() {
int i = 3;
printf("+-i: %d\n", i);// 3
printf("-+i: %d\n", i);// 3

wait no might be a board I added, one that had been in the system before.

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in the its-always-something department:

power supply inexplicably not working. was working fine then wasn't at home a few days, now it's not

luckily I had a spare. was just thinking hey I don't need this. glad I didn't leave it at the office

It's appropriate that malloc sounds like the name of an evil demon.

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request for financial help 

... i hate that i have to ask for help with this, given everything that everyone's dealing with a lot right now, but...

our car was fucking towed by out apartment complex without any reasonable warning and due to the plague (and us not going out often), we just got the notice today from the towing place. They stole our car and it's gonna cost us almost $800 to get it back.
But the worst part, is that our apartment complex did this to us. We desperately want to get out of here; we have a place to go, but it's gonna cost us an obscene amount of money to break the lease (~$3400) on top of our already high rent.

If anybody can help, i'd be immensely grateful.
my paypal is

thank you all for reading... thank you

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