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What is this, like Diaspora? Might as well try it.

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If you have $4 and like cyberpunk, help me put some food in my kids' mouths!
"This is secretly the greatest and also funniest cyberpunk point and click adventure game on Steam. Very low-fi art style but the gags are just too good to pass up, and a lot closer to a "real" cyberpunk dystopian future than most favorites of the genre."

Vance Deferens would be a good man's roller derby name.

If something you add to a cable to block the data lines is a USB condom, a cable without data lines had a USB vasectomy.

I picked up the cyberpunk game Neofeud by @silverspookgames because you know what, nothing more cyberpunk than making and releasing a tech product independently.

"Remember when websites didn't have 'like' counters?"

Websites from 90s: check out this web counter 0008945, now sign my guest book

Iceland knows the video game rule that secrets are behind waterfalls.

Good thing already thinking of dropping Disqus comments.

I will randomly gift the new Humble Bundle full of books from No Starch Press to someone under represented or under privileged starting out in tech.

Reply or DM saying you want to get in on it.

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If you told me several years ago as a child that I'd be working on the computers that I loved playing with back then, I'd say, "Who are you? Why are you talking to me? How'd you know I like computers? Mom! This stranger is talking to me!"

"Do you follow agile programming practices? Then you have to come to my birthday party."

Paired programming was started as a way for programmers to make friends.

ooh, and make easy for accessibility. just found a screen reader can try it on.

And want this as slim as possible. Like I said, no javascript really so not downloading bloated libraries. Also means looks exactly the same if js is disabled.

And gonna try to make it look great in browsers like Lynx.

No custom fonts to download. This thing is gonna be so lean.

Redesigning my website, gonna do real simple html and css. Feels good going back to basics. Keeping it simple, nothing crazy, and only using javascript if needed. Of course already have no trackers, but previous pre-made templates had some js for stuff I don't know what, maybe a dynamic menu.

Got a static site so it's easy to change to that.

And not minifying or anything, formatting the html and css well so easy for others to read if they want.

Welcome to life on the neon grid in the cyberpunk future.

I've achieved a technical feat that feels monumental, but replicates an everyday feature and documentation says should be simple.

I feal like a golden god and a complete failure.

Working in tech is great.

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