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What is this, like Diaspora? Might as well try it.

I've moved this account to

I did the redirect so if you were following me for some reason you should already be following me over there.

find me now at:

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I totally forgot about it, or maybe I didn't realize the issue came out

regardless, it was from the before-times

Here's the blog post it was from

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I saw something about another gargon instance, people don't seem to like it. Nor this instance.

I'm thinking I'd relocate if these aren't good. Anyone know of a good instance for a retro/weird tech enjoyer / tech cynic?

rich tech CEOs building the sci-fi ideas of escaping a ruined Earth by going to space or a digital metaverse have missed the fucking point of those stories

Play Date pre-orders are open (but looks like it's already for the 2022 ship dates)

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What's the point of veggie burgers like Beyond Burgers, which simulate bloody beef using beet juice, if you don't order them cooked rare?

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New Drugs & Wires page!

If you played our dating game you might appreciate the cameo :D

"Surely We Can Do Better Than Elon Musk

Getting past the cult of Genius and the bleakness of capitalist futurism."

gonna see if some nice Cleveland baseball season tickets are on sale

I want to be like the Diogenes of tech, a Cynic living a simple technological life, rejecting trends, sleeping in a big pot and yelling at people that talk about the blockchain.

when people use the analogy that bitcoin is like idling your car to solve equations, it wasn't a suggestion

"Autonomous vehicles use the equivalent of 200 laptops to get around. Some want to tap that computing power to decode viruses or mine bitcoin"

just close your browser and lose all those open tabs

be free

*spends 130 hours in Skyrim maxing skills, crafting the best weapons and armor, discovering all locations*

"ok NOW I can start playing"

GOG is having a sale that includes the game Beyond Good and Evil, one of my favorite games and I suggest you grab it for $2.49.

I remember grabbing it from the bargain bin because those are the games I could afford, to play on the PC I cobbled together.

I guess this is the modern equivalent of the bargain bin now since it's all streaming.

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The final writeup of my build of the Griz Sextant Raspberry Pi cyberdeck.

Thanks again to the original designer creating and releasing the files for this.

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