Got my pwnagotchi working so printed a case and took it for a walk, got a handshake (of a network with a good name.)

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Did you set yours up with a battery or do you use an external? Curious about the battery life on one of these.

@venko @faehnrich

I run with a 1200mah pisugar battery, I see about 5-6 hours.

@TheGibson @faehnrich
impressive! I might put together one of these myself

@venko @thegibson

Just don't do what I did and at first use a non-wifi raspberry pi zero, that took a few hours to figure out

@venko @faehnrich

Not sure, I used the 2.1 at their site for mine.

Not sure if the 2.7 works.

@TheGibson @faehnrich
oh whoops, I meant to link the 2.13" version. But that's good to know. Did you install a hardware clock on yours?

@venko External Anker power bank. Ran for a few hours and still said 4 out of 4 LED charge lights

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