Ohio wants Google declared a public utility.

But I think that's the wrong action to take and they're doing it for the wrong reason.


It's certainly not good that Google shows you results that have their products at the top of the list.

That's an obvious anti-trust issue, but that is never mentioned in the suit. Instead, it's only talk that their search should be declared a public utility.

The answer would be to break up Google. They don't want to be regulated, but they'd prefer those golden chains over being broken up.

When the Bell telephone monopoly was being broken up, they said you can't break us up because you'll impact our ability to provide the 911 emergency services.

But conservative Ohio prefers utility over breaking up.

Conservatives wouldn't want to break up monopolies because their beholden to monopolies.

But I'm guessing they're bringing up this suit because of tech companies "attack" on conservatism (platforms won't let them say racist things).


The conservatives don't like Big Tech kicking them off their platforms, but they already think a private company can do what they want like refusing gay cakes.

So they have to do something else, but can't say monopolies are bad because they are beholden to them.

Hence utility.

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