It's the Griz!

The build of the Raspberry Pi cyberdeck/laptop is complete (for the most part, with plenty of hacks).

Writeup forthcoming.

@faehnrich I decidedly approve of this with all my black little soul… :P

@cantinto yeah, would love suggestions. A windowed gui os that still looks retro is something I have in mind. Just no idea what that'd be haha

@faehnrich maybe try arch for arm? I think they finished the pi4 port

@faehnrich You could go fully CRT retro style which would look legit on that to be honest… @cantinto

You would be surprised what you can do to a GUI to go retro with CRT styled effects these days. Or you could go crazy with something like

@faehnrich @cantinto I haven't used anything of the sort, but I saw a screenshot of templeOS once. It seems like what you're asking for.

@dhfir @faehnrich I don't believe that runs on ARM and trust me, no one decent wants to use TempleOS

Fantastic. Can't wait to read your writeup.

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