The final writeup of my build of the Griz Sextant Raspberry Pi cyberdeck.

Thanks again to the original designer creating and releasing the files for this.

It's the Griz!

The build of the Raspberry Pi cyberdeck/laptop is complete (for the most part, with plenty of hacks).

Writeup forthcoming.

Well, it's happening. Looks like Twitter is getting rid of their chronological timeline feature. I'm seeing it disappear only to reappear on a refresh.

Back to the engagement slot machine.

got top of griz case printed

been struggling with keyboard firmware working with raspberry pi

Update on my Griz Sextant Raspberry Pi cyberdeck/laptop build

I print a tall part and get the keyboard together

companies go to great lengths to design open offices for "collaboration" only to offer crappy solutions for the problems of collaboration

The Embroidered Computer

An 8-bit computer made with embroidery. Conductive threads serve as the circuits with relays sewn in used as switches to create the digital logic.

This deck of Microsoft Solitaire cards designed by Susan Kare is pretty good.

Just saying they'll protest causing places to shut down and not even protesting is an interesting technique.

waiting for the headline:

"Millenials are Killing JC Penny"

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