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got top of griz case printed

been struggling with keyboard firmware working with raspberry pi

anyone have a metric tap drill bit set I could borrow?

"Cleveland is trying to create a less car-centered city — against tough odds.

But public transit and walkable neighborhoods could help solve two problems at once: climate change and fairness."

Update on my Griz Sextant Raspberry Pi cyberdeck/laptop build

I print a tall part and get the keyboard together

instead of actually trying to solve social problems in Cleveland, elites are pushing it to others saying all you need to do to solve violence, poverty, and racism is to be kind to others

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Fairlawn community broadband would become illegal under Ohio House Bill 110, so they have a site up on how to contact law makers to tell them to not pass it.

Contact the law makers and tell them to not pass this bill here:

Conservatives talk about competition in the free market but then create bills that would enshrine a monopoly into law.

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"Ohio Republicans Are Trying To Kill Community Broadband"

The Republicans supporting this bill know how bad it is they won't publicly declare their support.

if you're wondering what's up with the weather, I decided to camp this weekend

so, sorry for that

this is good, but I fear it won't have anything for software. My last phone hardware was fine but it was the software that was making it unusable, and I couldn't install my own rom

"America Should Become a Nation of Renters"

oh so it's good that housing is too expensive and we should instead let rentiers extract value great

Conservatives like to claim individual rights and small government, but that's only when it's in service to their true corporate masters.

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Is there anything we can do about this? Call senators?

It's bullshit that this will make existing municipal networks illegal, ones that are faster and cheaper than those of huge corporations.

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well this is absolute bullshit

"Ohio Republicans close to imposing near-total ban on municipal broadband"

They also redefined broadband as DLS speeds, which is less than half what the FCC defines as broadband.

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