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Boost if you've ever heard somebody say "pokeman" unironically

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CAPITAL F, creative commons magazine about Free software

Bryan Lunduke just posted it on his Patreon. Cool project!

Talks about "The road to a free software phone", "Video production with free software", "The stigma of charging for free software", "a personal journey w/ free software" & "replacing Google w/ free software"

#purism #linux #opensource #foss #floss #google #capitalf #lunduke

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@KaraAJC If ur looking for some POC to follow (in no particular order)

@guerrillarain: goth queen/language enthusiast/writer of cool shit

@Altruest: one of the happiest people on the internet

@Are0h: runs playvicious instance, one of the kings of clapback

@jalcine: knows all the sys adminy things

@somarasu: part shit-poster, part web desinger, all around awesome boss ass artist spilling truth all over the TL OG tooter, boosts all kinds of beautiful art

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All Star but in Aramaic, then translated back to English (credit: Isaac Gantwerk Mayer)

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One for sorrow,
Two for mirth.
a pinch of marrow,
some baby teeth.

Three for a funeral,
Four for birth.
Tell a lie,
weave a wreath.

Five for heaven,
Six for hell.
a cup of liquor
down it goes.

Seven for the devil,
his own self.
And then we sit here
counting crows.

#poetry #corvusrobotica #writing #mastoart

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Today's Illustrated Haiku!
I spent way too long deliberating about colours on this.

#art #mastoart #illustration #haiku #poem #poetry

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#introduction times two! hey i'm kera i do the art stuff. i'm gonna graduate from uni in a few months with a graphic design degree. other than that... i don't know the future. i want to do comics but that also means going to cons and i ain't ready for that (yet....). my #webcomic is coming tho. it's coming.

have some art!

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Hi I'm Alli🖐 I'm an artist in Northern California trying her dang best!
I 💙 : Magic, robots, solarpunk, and awesome combat scenes!

Here's some other sites I'm on:

Like my art and want to support me in my artistic endeavors? I take commissions and have a ko-fi. Either way is immensely appreciated ♡♡♡

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Hi fediverse !
i'm chloé, 22, trans girrrl, and uhh i like photography ! this is what i'm here to share btw.

i mainly just walk around with my trusty camera and point it at stuff, sometimes it makes beautiful pixels !!
seriously though, i spend a lot of time trying to make my photos look how i want, and i love it that way ~

attached pictures are samples of what i do, these were taken with my phones and at very different dates ; they're not perfect, but i still love them <3

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IRT my last boost: This is a new project I've started, and I'm super excited about it! Please give the @FriendsOfSam account a follow if you like it and want to see more. ^^

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#Hello! After a few accounts opened on the fediverse in the attempt to understand how everything works, I still didn't get it, but I thought it was time for an #introduction, anyway.

Thank you @melpsn for the invite!

As a professional escapist, I'm firmly against any kind of steady job, so I found my balance doing chalk painting and a bunch of other random stuff for a living.

My worst nightmares are surgery and religious believes, I'm recently losing a lot of sleep because of them.

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#Hello, I'm new here, and happy to discover new people!

Speek: French and English (a little)

Work: essencially photography and a little of drawing

Fan of darkness, industrial and nature.

Open for questions :)

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Updated the pieces used in my commission info to my very recent work!! Prices remain the same, both boosts and business beyond appreciated. If interested, email me at for more information and even a quote if you'd like!
I'm in a lull between work, so this is my only means of making money right now! Thank you for taking a look!
#mastoart #creativetoots #art #commissions #commissions2018 #digitalart

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Hey Fediverse.

I think you're swell. Keep being your sweet selves. :blobheart:

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