All, I've migrated to @fahrni, please follow me there. Thanks!

Also, why the heck can't I spell Mastodon. I keep spelling it Mastadon. UGH!

I need to get a few more friends out here on Mastodon then I won't need Twitter any longer. Feels pretty darned good.

@bixmediocre Do you know how to invite users to an instance? Mine is ready to go, I just don't know how to invite people. 🙂

Ok, my instance is running. I can't seem to figure out how to invite folks to it. 😂

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There are many Mastodon instances with which your home instance federates but which you might not want to see in your timelines. Fortunately, you can hide all toots from a given instance.

1) In your home instance's web interface, open the account of a user on the server you wish to hide.

2) At the bottom of their profile, next to their follower/following stats, is a "..." menu. Click that.

3) At the bottom of the new context menu, click "Hide everything from <instance>".

You're done!

@StevenJV the instance will be once I get it running.

We lived in Seattle for five years, twenty years ago. I loved it. Since we moved back to California I've had consistent dreams that include Seattle. I had one last night. I miss it.

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@_ oh good idea! Yeah they were. Twitterrific's id is 643,443. So that means we started when Twitter was *half* the size that Mastodon currently is. Whoa.

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@pth anyways. On twitter you’re scrambling for crumbs from a company that at best tolerates you and at worst is actively trying to fuck you over.

With some effort and a bit of risk you could easily be the de facto app for iOS and macOS here.

You want to be scrambling for scraps from Twitter for the next 10 years?

Having coffee with my brother this morning at a new place: Two Cities Roasters in Clovis, California.

@Gedeon @bigzaphod I hope this platform becomes viable. I’d love to see Ollie make an appearance.

Any old Windows Devs out here? Remember the good old GPF?

@padraig I see you’ve left I just joined but I’m finding mastodon more to my liking.

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One misconception of is that when you arrive here you expect to see all your friends or at least someone to follow. It's like walking into a library and expecting your favorite book to be lying on the table in the lobby waiting for you. The community you seek is here, you just have to do a bit more work to find them.

I’m keeping a really close watch on @foozmeat to see how his Panic instance spins up. I have a Digital Ocean Droplet spun up to host on when the time is right.

So, I got all excited and wanted to start my own instance but slowed my roll a bit. Can I move over to my instance with this account and followers? If I can I may continue my little adventure. If not, I may just stay here. If I do my own I figure it’ll be just me for a while then I can invite some friend over. I really want to do this. It’s like hosting your own blog in a way.

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