being unemployed allows me too much time to think about myself

Guys... is it gay to transform? Because you're undergoing a transformation. 😳☕️

I can’t edit my profile at all on the app which is inconvenient

my main twitter account was suspended bc I told transphobes to die and I think that’s funny

hey I’m back remember last year when this shit went crazy cus of tumblr

this is my cat yuuki by the way...he chews on boxes and makes messes

confetti nail polish never looks as good on your nails than in the bottle :(

tbh I think it’s just that anal and furry porn has taken up the federation timeline and nobody can see my fucking LEON KENNEDY IS A SERVICE TOP posts

literally y’all I’ve been sick with a fucking BAD head cold for like three days and like in December I got sick with norovirus

it’s so funny to me when people make Leon a thot in their fanart but he literally couldn’t be a himbo if he wanted to be bc he’s smart but he’s also literally oblivious of everything and he wouldn’t know how to wear a g-string

can you mute people on here??? yknow what...that’s what’s happened y’all have muted me and I don’t blame you have a good day love you

hey I know it’s been 124736428293472627 years since I’ve been on here but just wanted to say that I still haven’t gotten any dick but I’m also still a whore so

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