The parade is over but the shooting is not.

What is so good about duckbill face mask 😷?

It's appropriate to correct people's grammar and spelling, but the snark isn't necessary. Non-native English speakers work very hard to learn the language and they deserve corrections with respect.

Join the forces, the spiritual black dimensions...

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cells wake up when people sleep

I find it interesting that we still no so little about how our brain and body actually works and how to protect ourselves against the smallest but deadliest things.


People Are Sharing Old Photos To “Prove” That Humans Aged Faster In The Past

Allah ﷻ said: "I will not waste any of your deeds, whether male or female, the one of you being as the other. Hence those who have emigrated, and have been driven out of their homes, and have been persecuted in My cause, and who have fought and been killed, I will absolve them of their evils and will, of course, admit into gardens served with running streams, a reward from Allah, and with Allah is the fairest reward (to offer)" (Aal-i-Imran: 195).

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