Music Monday #8: Folk Tiny Desk Concerts

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This time we are listening to Luli Lee, a Korean singer/bass player that I really enjoy!

Recently I’ve discovered My Analog Journal channel on Youtube, and it’s SO great! I love how eclectic it is, with music and guest DJs from many different countries. (

A couple decades ago, a friend introduced me to The Blue Hearts, a Japanese punk-rock band from late 80s/early 90s. (

This weekend was time to watch Stranger Things S4 (part 1). And if you watched it - or was on Twitter over the weekend - you know that Running Up That Hill from Kate Bush was there. And WHAT AN AMAZING CHOICE. (

@falcon So… I already knew about AnnenMayKantereit, because I'm from Germany and there was a time here, you just couldn't escape them. After that I shut them out; too much hype.
But, you worked on that wall of mine with mentioning Tom's Diner last time. Now you broke it down by saying Findlay – a name I haven't heard in a long time and I did not listen to her in quite a while.

After listening to Valerie – gotta agree, the horn is sweet – I'll give the rest of the linked songs a listen, too.

@falcon You picked well. Okay, I'm probably not a good judge 'cause I'm more of a casual listener, but I like the mix of your picks, so I'll say that I like it.

I think the song with Parcels was my favourite out of those. Maybe I'm biased though, because their lead singer (I guess?) has that great mustache.

Even Ozean wasn't too bad, despite the fact I'm still burned out on that whole male singer/ songwriter stuff.

Oh, and the sound aesthetic of Come Together <3

Thanks for your blog post!

@manuel I'm very glad you enjoyed. The first song got stuck in my head for a while 😂 It's so good to have those two different voices there.

> I'm still burned out on that whole male singer/ songwriter stuff

I'm usually not a big fan also, but that one was nice. I guess because the voice and interpretation is actually good

@falcon Yeah, Henning's voice is really something, so low and rough. I often enjoy that kind of voice – for example Geoff Castellucci from VoicePlay or V-Tuber Vox Akuma from NijisanjiEN. They're very soothing.

Oh the irony of having Can't Get You Out of My Head stuck in your head xD

(On another note, it should've been "burnt out", shouldn't it?)

@manuel OH YEAH THAT GUY. I love his voice too. And their recording of the Nightmare Before Christmas was amazing!

IDK, I always see ‘burned out’ 🤔. I think burnt is only used as adjective

@manuel I see. Didn’t know about that, but I totally relate to having to avoid some artists or media because it’s just everywhere

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