-Do I already have too many books to read?
-Do I have a lot of space for more print books?
-Did I just order like, 7 more books at @chaptersindigo@twitter.com?

BTW, the books are:
* Fairy Tale (@StephenKing@twitter.com)
* Kitty And The Moonlight Rescue (@P_Harrison99@twitter.com)
* Spineless (Samantha San Miguel)
* Nevermoor Paperback Gift Set (3 books) (@digressica@twitter.com)
* Legends & Lattes (@TravisBaldree@twitter.com)

@StephenKing@twitter.com @P_Harrison99@twitter.com @digressica@twitter.com @TravisBaldree@twitter.com Huge TBR, small apartment, but this past week I still got some new additions to my shelves. (geekosaur.com/post/new-print-f)


@StephenKing@twitter.com @P_Harrison99@twitter.com @digressica@twitter.com @TravisBaldree@twitter.com I just recently made a post about new print books I got, and then yesterday I received an email that some more from my last order were ready to pick up. (geekosaur.com/post/more-print-)

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@StephenKing@twitter.com @P_Harrison99@twitter.com @digressica@twitter.com @TravisBaldree@twitter.com Just saw that Audible is giving 3 months for free, so I had to go in and grab The Mapmaker (Cordelia Hatmaker #2), written and narrated by Tamzin Merchant! I still have to finish listening to the first volume (I’m terrible with audiobooks), but... (geekosaur.com/note/3da9cc88-b3)

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