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prolie tariat 🌹☭ @falgsc

make public libraries better than for-profit co-working spaces

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@falgsc I HAD to share it on my professional twitter account. Great idea! Thanks!

@falgsc This is a good thing for sure, but people should make sure to support their libraries. Get involved. Donate time and/or money; making sure they know to put that towards the networking infrastructure of the library along with books, spaces and whatnot.

@PresGas this is exactly what im suggesting, we support and expand our libraries to surpass the utility of coworking spaces

@falgsc @PresGas I go to two different libraries regularly, and now I'm examining them to see how they could be public co-working spaces.

@falgsc actually, no. public libraries are places for #reading and #learning, not for #business and talking. Mixing these two places will make either function worse

@falgsc I recently went to our public library again and it is such a great place!