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Spanish former police chief admits that the Spanish secret services (CNI) were behind the jihadist attacks in Barcelona, August 2017. Their intention was ‘to scare Catalonia just before the independence referendum.’
16 people from various nationalities were killed.

no modern American politician would ever dare make things better for regular working class Americans


because that would threaten the profits of their donors.

so do european users #onhere still not understand that their massive domestic social programs are still funded by extracting wealth from the global periphery, or

force the vote was the correct course of action

we must force politicians to show which side they're on

fuck the Democratic Party

we must promote independent media which challenges imperialism

capitalists want to exploit the world's resources for profit

it's the responsibility of the global proletarian movement to reforest the world and reconstruct a healthy biosphere while also meeting the material needs of all

nationalize Amazon and use the profits to pay for society's needs so we can reduce taxes on the working class

the American people must rise up to demand a Second Bill of Rights, the Economic Bill of Rights

online promotes disunity. we need to be making pamphlets if we wanna save this sinking ship

US loves supporting nazis in Ukraine lmfao

Fuck Democrats. Fuck Republicans. Fuck those nazi-supporters

Thinking about 2010 when China made the medals out of the garbage the west has been sending them for decades

gamers love free market logic until game studios start doing business with china because people there actually have money and then they turn into fucking mercantilists

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