QotD: "Somewhere during the last 20 years Hanlon’s Razor died a silent death. Today it is more like: when you see something clearly attributable to malice, that is incompetently executed malice."

"Fed glitch shuts down wire transfers, direct deposits, other services" Q: What is cryptocurrency and hyperledger good for? A: That.

QotD: “Some generations pass the torch. Others dunk it in a barrel of water — and then wonder why everything is cold and dark.”

The command key for screen & tmux always should have been ^L and that is always what I configure it to. Anything else is obviously wrong.

QotD:【You are supposed to "write what you know" and people who lead busy productive lives have more things to write about. Meanwhile, someone who went from high school to college to writing hot takes has nothing to say.】

The conversations that will change the world are not on Slack. They are in unindexed rooms on unindexed nodes on Matrix

Important: if the weather is below freezing and your heat goes out, promptly go turn off your water main valve. Stop right now as you are reading this and say out loud where the valve is and where the valve tool is. If you don't know, GO FIND OUT. Being cold in the dark is annoying. But a burst pipe will ruin your home, your stuff, and your finances.

Someone I used to know would often tell the joke "And those are my principles! And if you don't like them! Well, I have others..."

And then I realized, they weren't joking. And that is part of why they became someone I used to know.

Started playing with . Solves the "how to get people to use it" with "if you have email, you're already on it" and "why trust yet another service" with "you just use your existing email service". Send me a . get.delta.chat

“The first rule of the the surveillance economy is don’t talk about the surveillance.”

The biggest "threat" to open source is not VC funded companies switching to deceptive licenses. It is 1) getting overworked unsung maintainers paid, & 2) fending off do-gooders who saw the success of open source and want to suborn it to compel obedience to their own causes.

I did not have the time to attend @FOSDEM this weekend, so I suspect I'm about to start reading a lot of articles and hottakes to catch up. Cudos to them for using @matrixdotorg instead of yet another slow proprietary webgooey virtual conference service.

Star Trek was originally pitched as "Wagon Train to the Stars", yet it wasn't. I wish someone WOULD produce a WTttS show. I might watch it!

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” —George Orwell

"Bureaucracy interprets checks and balances as damage and routes around them."

QotD: "Thirty years ago, rules restricting access to the markets actually had a purpose, because we had financial elites who were actually competent and had education and access to information that the rest of us didn't, and the rules preventing everyone else from being exploited by the Jordan Belforts of the world. Now, the internet has made the masses smarter, and corruption has made the elites dumber, and I'm not sure smart money is a meaningful concept any more."

QotD: "We need a big, mainstream movie to have a scene in which a beloved action hero discharges a suppressed firearm near a Simplicio (perhaps a rescued bio-weapons scientist or a hot chick embedded journalist) who then says "Ouch, that was loud" to which our hero says "Suppressors don't make guns silent. You've been watching too many movies." Then "fat sarcastic Star Trek fans" will begin pedantically repeating The Word at the slightest provocation. Make the machine work for you!"

Luke: "Your overconfidence is your weakness."

Sheev: "Your faith in your friends is yours!"

Notice that the Emperor did not deny Luke's insight. Nor did Luke deny that Palpatine was correct.

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