"There is a Google/Netflix cabal that is against Charter Communications. Unfortunately for them the cabal is their customers who would like use Google and Netflix."

"I could agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong."

It looks like the first instance has come online. The goal of that project is to be a federated decentralized social photo sharing application, like Instagram without the corporate control. I am @fallenpegasus@pixelfed.social there.

Tax what you want less of,
Subsidize what you want more of.

This base reality is also useful to run in reverse: to figure out what politicians and activists want there to be more of and what they want to be less of, look to see what they want to tax and what they want to subsidize.

I'm not sure which enrages me more: the implementationss of browsers can disable text selection into the copypaste buffer, or that webdevs use the feature.

"Solo" was significantly more fun than I expected.

For all my snarking yesterday about GDPR, if it puts the 3rd party shadow data broker industry out of business, and destitutes those executives and investors, it will be a Good Thing.

Hi! We notice you're driving past our bookstore!

That's great, but you have your car windows closed. Would you mind opening your windows? We'd like to fill your car with wasps and locusts.

Now just one minute. Filling strangers' cars with wasps and locusts is how we pay our bills. Do you want us to starve?

We understand you may have had some bad experience with other wasp-and-locust providers. Some low-quality locusts got in the mix. But that's all been sorted out now!

Window. Open it.

Once again, something I have direct knowledge of is being written up in "threat or menace" press releases and news articles. Gell-Mann analysis remains as true as it ever was.

If an outcome is predictable, you don't get to say it was unintended.

In 3 days, Merkle Trees will be illegal. This is going to be hilarious.

Of course Facebook is in favor of the GDPR.
One of the trivially predictable effects of the GDPR is that small to medium sized companies look at compliance costs and risks, and be nudged to shut down their own websites, and outsource their web media outreach to companies like... Facebook.

"Space is mostly empty. That's why it's called space."

I am a professional open source license policy wonk. If you are not in my field, and you specify "GPL" without the version number, I just assume you don't know better. If you are in my field, or you even think you have opinions about my field, and you specify "GPL" without the version number, I have to assume you are trying to sneak something past me. I don't like it when people try to sneak things past me.

Most complaints about human tribalism are usually complaints about the existence of the tribes the complainant does not belong to.

«The right to criticize the police without risk of arrest distinguishes a democracy from a police state.»
– Judge Brian Jackson

Two hours ago, I was pretty pro-GDPR. Then I read today HN thread about it. From the behavior of the GDPR proponents, and the points raised by all the sysadmins, developers, analysis, network and database technology experts, and small business owners, I've come around and changed positions. With friends like the GDPR proponents, the EU regulators and lawwriters don't need enemies.

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