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Nathan Wittstock

actually i think 1 MB is 1024 KB whereas 1 MibbleBibble is 1000 KibbyBibbies obvs

kinda lewd? Show more

took off my glasses in the hallway at work and nearly walked into a barrier. the day is progressing well.

flipping amazing sticker sealing the envelope of the card my parents sent me.

Still the best use of one of these picture frames

hay y'all remember that time Frasier was a submarine commander

`getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND posgres posgres:5432`

so it's that kind of day.

sorry I mean GibbyBibbies smdh

someone on the phone in the park, screaming about how the person on the other end of the line needs to be more socially aware.

hey y'all remember when Frasier was Beast

looking into home security cameras and piling up yaks to shave

So I've started work on the second component of my DNS-over-HTTPS services, reverse-operator

Now rather than use Google's DNS-over-HTTPS service, you can run your own. Super-alpha quality, not even sure it all works as expected yet, but hoping make it more real in the coming week or so.

*leaks memory everywhere* this is fine

writing resilient HTTP servers in golang—with just the stdlib—continues to be really straightforward.

but i keep wondering if it's like when i was medium-compenent in node.js and thought the same thing (spoiler: i was wrong).

shamwows for my real friends and real wows for my sham friends

someone shipped whiskey to my house. it was addressed to me, the return address is the company that shipped it, and it contains no card or note that'd explain why it arrived.

i'm like, highly suspicious.