Node.js v8.15.0 is *super weird* about destructuring assignment, it seems.

Works interactively. Does not work inside a function. What?

Is it a semicolon thing? On the REPL it's just the one line, but in the full file there's a greater risk of confusion.

@natecull @clacke it is a semicolon thing. the brackets are interpreted as being part of a previous line. putting "const" in front of that destructure (or a semicolon) will solve that issue. one of the few things that will bite you when you don't use semis in JavaScript.

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@natecull @clacke (sorry for the second ping, took me a minute to track down this article, but) is a good overview. I don't use semicolons either, but there are a few things to watch out for!

@fardog @natecull Right! Because the coder could have written something like [x, ... xs] = thing.do_stuff()[42] and therefore the parser has already decided that semicolon insertion is not necessary here, this'll make sense without it. And then it doesn't.
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