wondering how much correlation there is between cities, their geographically designated areas, and the classes of folks in 'em. for instance: is it more common that the west side is the richer part of town? if so, does that even mean anything?

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@fardog I've always thought about the North/South cultural and technological divide in the Northern Hemisphere. I wonder if it's the opposite in the Southern Hemisphere. Also I bet the East/West designations depend on the terrain, with coasts and mountains being driving factors.

@isoughtajam this is probably the more likely scenario; and it's probably not easy to apply a blanket rule to it, like: is it prestigious to live by a river? depends on what the river was used for. if it was a shipping channel, probably not! so, i'm sure in the big picture it correlates, but there are probably so many variables that it's impossible to really say for sure.

@fardog So, no idea - but that's a fucking awesome question.

You're going to find, I suspect, that 'rich people places' are mostly about what areas HAD best resources when it was initially settled

@fardog I envision that people come in at a rate, and the first people grab the BEST spots first. Things with natural resources (good soil, etc).

These then allow them to buy less as they can grow more/whatever.

If you are first in + spend least, then over time you prob. get richer?

@DarkestKale that's interesting also; the more i think on it, the more varied it is. for example, to "best" spots; that changed with technology: where I live, one of the richest areas is built up into the hills. so the area with the views became most desirable, once folks with the means could manage the challenge of building there. so there's few older houses, but many more modern as the cost decreased and more could afford; still rich, but less rich than the earliest.

@fardog Water is also an issue - depends on whether the place is founded before/after proper water supplies are 'easy'

Beaches factor in as well, etc

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