got the left end of the keyboard model rebuilt; should be a lot easier to maintain with both sides built the same. also, more useful to folks when i publish it.

keyboard with it's final keycaps. done for now, but I need to clean up the designs before I publish them.

threw together a screwdriver holder for an Ikea hejne shelf; first design worked perfectly, was very surprised!

waiting on a slow first layer to print, so I can go to bed. hopefully the final version of the right hand keyboard bottom case.

everything fits like it's supposed to, except the dang right hand board. so close though!

left half assembled (with some temporary keys). fit issues with the switch plate and the lower case; need to make a few changes, but really good for the first complete assembly.

test build of the left hand side of my keyboard. case design seems good, now to solder up keys and see if the electronics fit!

Fixed my keyboard today; looks like it'd seen a previous bad repair (I bought it used). My bodge may not look great, but got things rollin' once more.


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