@natecull @clacke (sorry for the second ping, took me a minute to track down this article, but) blog.izs.me/2010/12/an-open-le is a good overview. I don't use semicolons either, but there are a few things to watch out for!

@natecull @clacke it is a semicolon thing. the brackets are interpreted as being part of a previous line. putting "const" in front of that destructure (or a semicolon) will solve that issue. one of the few things that will bite you when you don't use semis in JavaScript.

@jk I've been using vscode with platform.io. works great but I am new to embedded, so I can't say if it lacks compared to other offerings. vscode itself is very nice though.

You have been visited by margaret hamilton. Fast code and moon landings will come to you but only if you boost this toot

looking at circuit diagrams for vga -> HDMI converters and wondering if I can build one without setting my hair on fire.

it looks like misumi has them but requires a quote; that ain't gonna be cheap

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also, all the ones on mcmaster-carr are also imperial measurements. is this a thing?

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trying to find metric parts on amazon is frustrating; seeing a bunch of steel rods listed as 100mm (4"). 100mm is not 4". It's close, but it's not. These ones I ended up with are 4" and _not_ 100mm. really frustrated.

*clears throat for 6 minutes*

legend of zelda is a metroidvania

job interview tip: shave your eyebrows off & paint new ones in a more sympathetic expression

cheese man from buffy the vampire slayer as jungian archetype

borrowing a new macbook from IT to do some testing; this keyboard is about the least satisfying thing i've ever typed on

i don't wanna toss them though, so i'm powerin' through these last few.

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