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CAUTION: Your hand will be touched by an even smaller hand!

I wish I was a little bit taller / I wish I had an

The plural of Starship Enterprise is Starships Enterprise.

with music turned up in the office i feel like i can really let my typing volume soar. fuckin' attack them keys.

currently doing my best billy corgan impression along to siamese dream

wondering how much correlation there is between cities, their geographically designated areas, and the classes of folks in 'em. for instance: is it more common that the west side is the richer part of town? if so, does that even mean anything?

lol'n over this game i'm working on actually doing the right thing. it just looked so unnatural that I thought it was totally broken.

Good morning.

This is an actual sign posted by the lifts in my office building.



Yesterday I learned that Games Done Quick use open source software for their broadcast graphics. The person responsible for developing the layouts and some of the software involved has done a video series on their GDQ layouts system, and GDQ open sources their broadcast layouts each year.

(video series)

(GDQ's Github)

(Backbone software)

(thanks @codl!)

GDQ runners and their nostalgia so mismatched from mine, got me feelin' old af.

i'm ok with it tho.

like, my ability to write something in this language that consumes every core _and_ is understandable; it's great. just great.

concurrently in golang is a fuckin' joy. i love it.

this weekend, I updated secureoperator to make it more friendly to contributors; contribution guidelines, wiki, etc:

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