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Hi, Protonmail Plus user here, and I'd like an answer to this too. I don't need push notifications, and the way things are set up now I still need a Google account to use your mail (unless I feel like shelling out for, and putting up with, an iPhone). Tutanota has an fdroid app and for that reason alone I'm considering switching.

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Really, you don't even *have* to put it on fdroid. You could make the apk directly downloadable. Just give those of us trying to deGooglify a legitimate option. I'd really, genuinely rather not have to switch emails again, so *please* give this issue some thought.

@polyplacophora @farlopito @fdroidorg Hi! Thank you for supporting us with a paid account. It means a lot. The process of publishing our app on F-droid has already started. We need to make a few steps before doing this. In the next couple of months it should be done. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

@protonmail @polyplacophora @farlopito @fdroidorg Wow, that would be a huge plus for me as well. Almost no non opensource apps on my phone.
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That's great news! Hopefully we can get rid of the Google Play Services dependency.

@farlopito @protonmail @fdroidorg No dependency on Google Play Services would be already very rad if you ask me. This being one of the main reasons I point people in @Tutanota direction nowadays.


At the very least drop the dependency on googleplay services so that us #LineageOS users dont have to see the nag dialog every time we run the app.

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