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As usual I'm terrible about remembering to post for ! Here's another late progress video, showing our new cooking system + barrels for storing soup and drinks.

This week, a large update! We've added several decor items to expand the furniture system: rugs, tapestries, beds, lampposts, and stools. We've also added an initial implementation of the dyeing system, allowing us to color these new items, and existing clothing!

New skill: Jewelry. While mining, you can now unearth gems, and blacksmiths can now create amulets and rings. Jewelers can set these gems into amulets or rings, creating stat-boosting jewelry. Green mages can make this jewelry even more powerful, empowering it to increase the stat bonuses!

It's finally happening: The alpha is now open to the public. Join us in testing our gMUD and refining it for Steam release! Servers are always up, but playtesting is organized through the Discord:

We're relying on word of mouth during the alpha period, so your help spreading the word is appreciated!

progress report: Accessibility is a key feature of MUDs, and while we can't accommodate screenreaders, we can still implement accommodations for disabled players. Here I use keyboard shortcuts to perform actions that were previously limited to the mouse, like picking up and dropping items. Hopefully, the game will be completely keyboard-playable by release, since it's already currently more-or-less completely mouse-playable.

progress report: Working on putting the final pieces into place for a public alpha. Here's a sneak peek of the new guides I'm writing for the website. This one aims to make the process of character creation more straightforward for new users!

progress report: Signs are now craftable, allowing you to place messages in the world and in burrows. They're also the first furniture item, so you can lock them in place in a burrow to prevent them being stolen or tampered with. You can place them outside but, since that's not owned property, anyone can make off with them.

No video for this. It's not terribly exciting. You just right-click on the locked burrow and click "Move," and if you've filled the whole thing back in and not left any items, it gets deleted and you get your burrow certificate back.

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You can now fill in your burrow and turn it back into a certificate to place somewhere else.

progress report: Furnishing the Literacy skill by adding in the ability to read and write on pieces of paper, which can be done between multiple players. Literacy governs the ability to write on things, but you don't need it to read them. However, you can write in any language you know, so you can write things that only people who understand your language can read.

progress report: Finally added the Tracking skill, allowing you to locate other players in the same zone. You can also assign a color to their scent if you get close enough, so they stand out from other players. The duration of this scent-coloring will need to be tweaked to see what feels right.

progress report: Added a slider when you drop items, get items, or put items on counters, allowing you to choose a specific amount instead of one or all. An equally long-overdue UI improvement.

progress report: Added a long-overdue message backlog, storing any conversation you have with other players, or any notifications you receive, for the duration of the session. In the future this will be saved in a file on your hard drive, too.

progress report: Added several different kinds of magic. Here are just two, White Magic and Black Magic. Black Magic lets you put long-lasting hexes on other players. White Magic lets you cure them, and heal people.

Improvements to the crafting menu: The amount of each item you're carrying is listed, as well as what resource the recipe uses, and any other items you need for the recipe that aren't consumed. That way it's obvious why you can't currently craft it.

Not sure this one really needs a video. Previously the right-click menu opened for the top item on the square. I've now added a multi-context menu that shows all items on the square if there's ambiguity, and allows you to choose between them. Thanks to for the idea!

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