Whoops, I moved to @fasterthanlime

(gotta free up the main instance). You can follow me there, this accounts redirects to that one.

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*Googles "make mastodon look like winamp"*

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I feel like Valve is trying to fight against bad PR for their shitty moves by just flipping the “FUCK DEVELOPERS” switch rapidly on and off until we all get too exhausted to be angry at them for ruining developer’s livelihoods anymore

Valve's ongoing freeze on approving Steam games, seemingly ones with adult content, is expected to last for months

@GranPC I got eliminated at the cabbage patch question :(

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thinking of doing a Hank Hill translation of the bible where all violence is replaced with "kick your ass"

Sleep schedule update: I've got the "waking up at 7am" part down, but the "fall asleep before 3am" part escapes me


But it's fun! Genuine fun. There's entire sections in which the authors describe how "highest authority on the subject" interprets the law and note that, quote: "we're not quite sure how anyone could've arrived at that conclusion and we must all hope it does not become the trend". It's all very entertaining.

Anyway if you ever need to sue someone in France, you can ask me anything, I'll be more than happy to not give any opinion whatsoever and immediately refer you to a lawyer.

My favorite bits of the book are all the introductions where the authors:
- discuss their ancient Rome fetish
- assess their disdain for "mere law practicioners" (as opposed to the Noble academics)
- pretend they're about to defend Everyone's access to Justice with a fat J, then move on to describe the 287 prerequisites to even begin being heard on something (btw you only have 15 days (also if you mess up a tiny thing there's a good chance you're fucked))

I've been having developer's block lately so I started reading a book about French judiciary procedure

After every chapter I go back to code and it doesn't feel nearly as pointlessly complex as it did — in comparison

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I am the owner of crime.place letsdisagree.online malarkey.zone videogames.church and more

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I don’t have time to do this but I want nothing more than to run a mastodon instance for just me using one of the approx five bazillion vanity URLs I bought in the last year

Okay Tusky is pretty good, but I might want to move off the main instance. Hmmm.

supertuxkart spoilers 

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