when I was in middle school we went on a field trip to albany and the bus had a tv on it and the movies we watched to and from there were Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Star Wars Episode 3

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I feel like god has been calling me to watch the diary of a wimpy kid movies

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boom boom pow at the highest volume and wipe out the entire fucking planet twitter.com/flrtychim/status/1

relationships were invented in 2010 with the release of Big Time Rush's "Boyfriend"

contrary to popular belief the only one of these saves that are mine is Bitchboy

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dreams be like Time to be traumatized by your own brain and you won't even remember why

me when I see my frogs look larger than normal: that man is full of pee

someone else who is not me: you are working hard
me: what are you saying to me

(accidentally but conveniently forgets my near decade long fandom stint with kid cartoons)

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jimmy neutron is the only cartoon I've ever seen don't ask me about the simpsons

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