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fawn✨ @fawn

I'm on vacation and this is my favorite picture so far

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@Murilega That sounds amazing, omg ;w;

@Murilega Ehe. I usually prefer the warmer weather, but I live in the Midwest, so we get lots of subzero temperatures, ice, & snow in the winter. 😓

It's June & I still haven't replaced my winter icon 😅

I have an aloe plant that was gifted to me some time ago that wasn't in great condition. I'm working on nursing it back to health but haven't had a lot of luck. However, it started growing a pup, so I decided to repot the little one in hopes of it growing big & strong. 😊🌱

@mno No worries!! And thank you so much! 💙

Hey! I haven't been too actively lately bc I moved recently and got married!! :) I'm pretty busy & don't have a lot to post atm, but here's a picture of my cat for

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Heck yea, I got all Bs & an A in my classes for this semester! 🎉

My computer was feeling pretty cluttered tho, so I guess this is the universe telling me to do some yearly cleaning, maybe?

My hard drive died a few days ago and I lost a lot of files, because I hadn't made a backup recently. :( Luckily I can pull a lot of hi res files from emails & various websites I've uploaded to, but all of my working files are gone. ;---;

@neon Giving credit in a reply still means most people won't see the credit, bc a lot of people don't look at replies, they only reblog the post as they see it on their dash. And I think an artists livelihood is more important than a joke. A lot of memes derived from artwork (like the one fear meme) are being reposted without permission, & many artists have explicitly asked ppl not to repost and/or edit their work.