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So, this weekend my spouse & I decided to take in a stray cat. She was so thin you could feel literally all of her bones, but she is one of the sweetest cats I've ever met. She purrs so easily, & she is almost always calm & curious, without being lethargic. Our first baby is not very happy about the whole thing, but I think in time they'll get along great. (:

How's the mastodon.art instance? Are artists actually active? I've been thinking about making an account over there.

Hmmmmm, I should use this more tbh >___<

I'm on vacation and this is my favorite picture so far

It's June & I still haven't replaced my winter icon 😅

I have an aloe plant that was gifted to me some time ago that wasn't in great condition. I'm working on nursing it back to health but haven't had a lot of luck. However, it started growing a pup, so I decided to repot the little one in hopes of it growing big & strong. 😊🌱

Hey! I haven't been too actively lately bc I moved recently and got married!! :) I'm pretty busy & don't have a lot to post atm, but here's a picture of my cat for

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Heck yea, I got all Bs & an A in my classes for this semester! 🎉

My computer was feeling pretty cluttered tho, so I guess this is the universe telling me to do some yearly cleaning, maybe?

My hard drive died a few days ago and I lost a lot of files, because I hadn't made a backup recently. :( Luckily I can pull a lot of hi res files from emails & various websites I've uploaded to, but all of my working files are gone. ;---;

Hey y'all, there's literally no reason to post art without credit! When you do, you are taking away exposure from artists that probably need it. Don't know the artist? Use reverse image search! Still can't find the artist? Then don't post it!

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A word of warning to anyone upgrading to Mastodon 1.3(.1)!!!

Starting with 1.3(.1) Private posts will federate! But they don't do so securely! Warnings are built in but be aware that if you have followers on GNU Social, Friendica, or postActiv then they will **NOT** know that your post is marked private/followers-only!! And they **will** be able to boost it!! Once they do so, it becomes a public post

This is not opt-in, it just happens post-update

If this worries you, go audit your followers

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Here's my submission for the "We Will Win" zine! Remember, you can view and download the rest of the zine at wewillw.in/ :)


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Please, please, please feel free to share this zine with others! This zine is completely free, but you can also donate at t.co/KKlXhwULI7
Donations will be split between contributors in need, as well as the Week of Solidarity DisruptJ20 legal fund!