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I’m in need of money for lots of important things, such as tuition for next semester, school lunch, travel, and to help out my loved ones.
For more info and examples, checkout my commission page:

Here’s a handy form to fill out for quick orders!

Your Name (or username):
Commission Type:
Character reference (a picture or description):
Pose and/or expression:
Scenery (if any):
Other notes (optional):

@Gargron Seems to be fixed! Thank you so much!

@Gargron Please fix this, it's becoming really hard to use the mobile site with this happening

@Support it happens every time I go back to the home tab on mobile.

@Support Sometimes closing the video puts me back at my spot in the timeline, but other times it will put me where the video is on the timeline, even if I was in a completely different spot

@Support Every time I open mobile mastodon now on iPhone, it pulls up the last video/gif that I opened on the site with the volume all the way up, even if the video is farther down in my timeline & I didn't click on it (or anything else)

I used a "character traits" generator to do a really quick warm up! #mastoart #creativetoots

@mno No problem! Glad it could help :)

Updated mastoguide.info to include the new muting feature!

@Gargron Do you still receive notifications when mentioned by muted users? And is it otherwise similar to twitter muting in that you don't see posts from muted users but can still interact with one another?

@acrazymind I'm really enjoying the textures! Looks great! :)

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Please help/boost: Friend is threatened with homelessness, needs assistance: gofundme.com/draj9-save-me-fro

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Hey!! mastoguide.info is up!! It's an FAQ about mastodon. If yall could pass it around to help out confused/newer users, I'd really appreciate it! Also, if you see any mistakes, or find anything confusing, please let me know. :)

When I go to the bottom of my timeline on mobile, the site acts like it's loading something else, but then freezes my timeline so I can't scroll up or down anymore. I have to reload the page to navigate the site again, and still can't get anything older to load. @Support

My partner and I went to the greenhouse on campus today, and it was really beautiful! There were so many cool plants, and even a couple parrots. 🌱✨ ^__^

Goodnight masto friends. :heart:

@starbornkit If it helps, I made a user guide to help people keep up with the changes! It's mastoguide.info :)

Tempted to make a please pet page for my cat now tbh