Hey y'all, there's literally no reason to post art without credit! When you do, you are taking away exposure from artists that probably need it. Don't know the artist? Use reverse image search! Still can't find the artist? Then don't post it!

@fawn What about comedy? Like you make a joke/meme/whatever and include a picture for effect, crediting in the same post might decrease the comedic value a bit. Opinons about giving credit in a reply?

@neon Giving credit in a reply still means most people won't see the credit, bc a lot of people don't look at replies, they only reblog the post as they see it on their dash. And I think an artists livelihood is more important than a joke. A lot of memes derived from artwork (like the one fear meme) are being reposted without permission, & many artists have explicitly asked ppl not to repost and/or edit their work.

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