I'm back to peep in after a few months and my home timeline is completely empty? And everyone moved accounts? Did something happen??

@fawn !!! i missed you!!

lots of people moved from .social because its been going down a lot with all the new users

@murilega I missed you too!!! Do you have a Tumblr or something I can add you on?? :o

And okay that makes sense, bc I did start seeing a lot of people on twitter talking about mastodon again, lol.

@fawn i just have this and my twitter that i use! i'll dm my twitter if you want it!

@murilega Sure, if that's okay with you! I know at one point you mentioned your twitter was a little more private, so I didn't want to assume or intrude ^__^;;

@fawn i removed a lot of stuff off of it recently and opened it up so its no big deal!

@murilega @fawn maybe that but also if you don't log in for a while, the mastodon software will stop building your home timeline to save on resources, after a bit you should start seeing posts on it again

@fawn hello! If you mean "completely empty" as in "not showing anything," it takes a bit of time for things to show up again if you've left for a while

@asonix Yea, it actually popped in after I sent the post! (:

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