Any good Patreon monthly-income-esque alternatives available? Or does anyone know when Drip is going public?

@fawn the only thing I know of and am using is liberapay


Not great for letting your patrons know about updates but they take a far lesser cut

@vahnj This looks good! It still makes patrons pay the fees though, which I don't like ):

@fawn at the very least, it lets them control when and how much of the fee they eat!

@vahnj That's incredibly true. At least then they're not being charged that fee per dollar pledge. Thanks!

I've been seeing a lot of buzz around Liberapay, but that seems like it's only supposed to be used for commons / copylefted stuff?

@Metaph Oh, I didn't see that part. What does that mean for me as a creator exactly? (If you know)

Well, the FAQ says Liberapay is only for donations and shouldn't be used in exchange for recompense / the promise of a service, and the front page says its for people who "make free art, spread free knowledge, write free software"... idk if they mean only free as in beer or also free as in freedom, you might have to contact them and ask.

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