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fawn✨ @fawn@mastodon.social

I know Halloween is over, but I still really love this icon I made for myself! It was my first time using (:

I'm on vacation and this is my favorite picture so far

I have an aloe plant that was gifted to me some time ago that wasn't in great condition. I'm working on nursing it back to health but haven't had a lot of luck. However, it started growing a pup, so I decided to repot the little one in hopes of it growing big & strong. 😊🌱

Hey! I haven't been too actively lately bc I moved recently and got married!! :) I'm pretty busy & don't have a lot to post atm, but here's a picture of my cat for

Here's my submission for the "We Will Win" zine! Remember, you can view and download the rest of the zine at wewillw.in/ :)


It's been awhile since I contributed to so here's my little bean taking a nap in the chair she claimed.

Hey friends! I finished my sculpture for class. It's called "Prelude of the Wolf," and is meant to be symbolic of some of my feelings as a minority in today's society.

mastodon.social/media/q6lXYuDW mastodon.social/media/O4xDcDy4 mastodon.social/media/VtFR1N3L mastodon.social/media/e9P3KOAT

Oh, here we go, a longer display name! Looks like padding just needs adjusted or something I guess. Thanks @marrus_sh :)
@Support mastodon.social/media/TqUMPaRk

This is mostly a nitpick, but it looks like longer display names break the right side padding in notifications? I'd be curious to see what even longer names look like (if they can be any longer, that is). I'm on an iPhone 6, btw.
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