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Here's my submission for the "We Will Win" zine! Remember, you can view and download the rest of the zine at wewillw.in/ :)


Please, please, please feel free to share this zine with others! This zine is completely free, but you can also donate at t.co/KKlXhwULI7
Donations will be split between contributors in need, as well as the Week of Solidarity DisruptJ20 legal fund!

Hey everyone! The zine I was a part of was released today!! It features "protest chants and depictions of victory in action" for marginalized groups!
Here's a birdsite link from the original organizer with more information about it: twitter.com/l1quidcryst4l/stat
You can also read about it and download the zine at wewillw.in/ !!!

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Hey #POC #QPOC #QWOC #WOC on Mastodon I wanna talk to you!

I'm Tiara, queer immigrant woman of colour currently based in Australia. A huge chunk of my Mastodon presence right now is about race on Mastodon (or complaining about coder bros) but beyond that I'm also interested in arts, writing, games, performance, travel, intersectionality, liminality, and signing up for anything interesting.

Come say hi :D

I hit 100 followers without posting any Hot Takes™ what the heck

I've been extremely busy preparing my portfolio so I could apply to the BFA program at my university, and earlier this afternoon I was officially accepted into the program. :)

My partner and I got our wedding rings delivered today!! 💙✨ I'm so happy and excited!

Oh no, I missed doing something cool for my 666th post :(

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Hey folks, @pupper and I are queer, disabled, really cute and about six weeks away from homelessness. Our current income barely covers basic living expenses and we're struggling to get the money together to move. Please take a look at our fundraiser if you can. Shares are really appreciated. Thank you. youcaring.com/caelynellisandlo

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#newinstance #instances Hey everyone, creativity.cafe is here! It's an instance for artists and creators of any kind - painters, glitch artists, musicians, writers, sculptors, whatever! And even just enthusiasts. If you're into art-y things and want to hang with other people who are too, come join us!

It's invite-only to keep it nice and cozy, but getting an invite is easy - just DM me what handle and email you want. :)

Please give me a little boost if you're into the idea! <3

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I just wrote a guide on how to deploy Mastodon on Digital Ocean:


I hope you guys will find it useful!

Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions. I'll be happy to help, or clarify things that are unclear.

@Gargron @Support #NeedHelp #Mastodon #Instances

Me: I'm going to play "Spicy Boyfriend" by Shawn Wasabi at our wedding
Partner: I... can't object to that...

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Please help @Raccoon find a job as she is a recently unemployed JUINIOR DEVELOPER

t.co/aRQU9trD6l <-- resume link

please retweet if you can

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mom: hey son I joined this new Mastodon thing
me: oh shit mom, I coulda helped you find a server, which one did you choose?
mom: well I liked the privacy policy on satanic.bikerladi.es but then communist.blaze.party had the shortest ping latency so

I am ecstatic that Amaroq lets me use/display iOS emojis instead of the ones on web masto. They just look so much better.

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I can't stress this enough guys if you're having login issues it's likely something I can't touch - the current login process is done by a web view, as there are no dedicated login API methods. If you're unable to login you need to work with the admin of your instance

What exactly is up with the talk about DMs? I feel out of the loop ;w;

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I am heavily procrastinating this paper I'm supposed to be writing that's due tomorrow for my capstone bc I honestly just really, really don't feel like doing it. 😓😓