Over 1 million tweets have been deleted by on Kashmir over the past year. With hundreds of accounts from been deleted.

In a world where dissent has been heavily policed, platforms like Twitter enable and collaborate with states to actively silence these voices.

While fascists and genocide enablers are given a free rein to troll, attack and even threaten journalists and activists.

Platforms need to amplify voices of justice and not to enable fascists. Take a stand.

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@faysal welcome to #mastodon. I am trying to talk about mastodon as much as I can. People need to know more about it and its revolutionary approach to social networking.

It is crucial not just for peole living in conflict zones like #Kashmir but for all everyone.

Be in touch. we need to lift this platform up for people who care about having control over their data and contents and in general, their computation.

You may look at this toot of mine: (...)

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