If you don't know what is, it's a survival game set in the Canadian wilderness, up north. Imagine spending the night under the aurora borealis, while on top of a mountain. That is one of the experiences The Long Dark has to offer.



hey, what are some good open source alternatives to discord?

(please boost if you can)

How/where would I contribute money for mastodon.social hosting?


A hobbyist with a neverending kick for the color black and elves. I'm looking for a new permanent home for my blog... Someday.

@oshun_m on Twitter
@M-oshun on Tumblr

The blogosphere suddenly became aware of the existence of Intel ME "spying at you" to paraphrase some catchy titles. If some authors seem to discover that technology, the truth is it is here for almost 10 years!

So, in order for you to make your own educated opinion, I tried to summarize the facts concerning Intel ME and the current state of the community knowledge about that technology.


Hello! My name is Torri, and I'm a Black Illustrator, I'm also a Cleanup Artist for Studio Yotta. I dabble in character design, comics, and animation. I work full time as an accountant right now! I also do art for Youtubers, most notably CowChop and UberHaxorNova :yoitsburdhere: #introductions
I like coloring and painting, I also like to talk and help out with art!

Here's my portfolio:

mastodon.art/media/IsOCc0yfN4a mastodon.art/media/26f0KwIqZ8o mastodon.art/media/NWvvY9qb7T1 mastodon.art/media/AHMiqF0dB8U

"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

Shockingly I have some more interests than art


Je relis par hasard (merci @pandark 😘 ) un article d'il y a 5 ans qui aborde de façon très frappante le problème crucial aujourd'hui encore de la maîtrise des technologies numériques dans notre vie la plus privée (et même intime dans le cas de Karen Sandler)

5 ans plus tard, la conf de Marie Moe sur le même sujet montre qu'il reste encore beaucoup à faire :s


Remember folks, if you abandon Twitter, Facebook or Google, it's not a boycott, it's a STRIKE.

Because you're the [unpaid] workers that earn them billions of dollars in capital.

When you don't post, they don't get the benefit of your labour. And when you don't use, they lose money.

Social Media STRIKE days should be a thing.

@snipejaeg true - but the silo effect means that anyone on twitter can be found by anyone on twitter.

Users use what users use.

Is there a way to list the local timeline of an instance on which I'm not?

For instance, I'd be interested in what people are saying on mastodon.technology, so I can find people to follow. Should I register on that instance as well?

Pointers to docs appreciated!

Any fans out here? I'm one! With Steam, I know I played nearly 200 hours, which I think is the first time I've ever played so much on a single game.

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