@stephiewunder @plusea also a good reason to mention the great svg2shenzen plugin from Budi Prakosa a.k.a Iyok: github.com/badgeek/svg2shenzhe and i finally shared my footprint repository for creating circuits with inkscape on codeberg codeberg.org/fblchrstn/footpri
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for next on 28.04.22 we are offering a workshop girls-day.de/@/Show/th-koeln/k , in which participants can build a small synthesizer based on the attiny85 micro-controller. The workshop was developed by students of the code & context study program (coco.study) as part of the courses rapid prototyping and project explore I co-taught with Kathia von Roth @stephiewunder, as guest we had the fantastic hannah perner willson @plusea .

in love with since years. it started with bikes, you can take them anywhere, here for a show and workshop at PAN Naples in 2007

Project for this year is to share more of my code experiments, to finally upload to codeberg and to start to tidy-up. Typical consequence of messy code is that i don't understand it myself anymore, three years after i experimented with it. the p5 sketch shows two overlayed moving vector fields of two oscillators interacting with each other. The oscillators cycle trough a series of notes i picked from the Steve Reich phase variations example in sonic pi. christian.faubel.derstrudel.or

There is a great research position available, come work with my colleague Laura Popplow (nitter.net/make_and_think). She is looking for a PhD candidate with skills and interest in , and in a research project with industrial partners focusing on the German energy transition to renewables:
deadline is pretty close on 01.17.2022

#InfiniTime 1.8.0 is available for your @PINE64 #PineTime : BLE secure pairing, shake to wake, trip meter in step app, chimes, and many improvements and fixes!

Thanks everyone for your work and contributions!



ps. forget to mention last minute announcement, movie is tarting now monday 13.12.2021 19:30 CET

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I am very happy to be co-hosting a talk by Melisa Duque from the Emerging Technologies Research Lab at our study program code & context (coco.study). Before her talk we have the honour to stream the movie Smart Homes for Seniors.
Film screening and talk on zoom: th-koeln.zoom.us/j/89547199550

Preparing for this year's shinytoys (shinytoys.eu) festival, where I will setup extended astwerk together with Ralf Schreiber (ralfschreiber.com). Transport as usual by bike. , , , , ,

I am playing a countryside gig today at kunsthaus kloster gravenhorst da-kunsthaus.de/. I had fantastic bikeride and now I am excited, because I will be playing my newly developed gear for the first time, also I am using the mordax data for the first time.
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Super happy with the latest prototype of my bi-oscillators, now under the fancy name neuromorph machinic rhythms , compatible with modular eurorack. I am looking so much forward to playing this live and so happy I invested for a 4 channel eurorack oscilloscope. I need the visual feedback when fine-tuning the individual patterns in order to have them self organize in polyrhythms. More background info here: nime.pubpub.org/pub/g04egsqn/r

Heute beginnt ein weiteres #jugendhackt Wochenende: @jhackthamburg@twitter.com ist in unserer digitalen Alpaka-World am Start. Merkt euch schon mal Sonntag um 13 Uhr, dann streamen wir die Abschlusspräsentation auf jugendhackt.org/live/ #jhhh2021

I'll be officially working full-time as part of nonprofit, open access and free/open source research lab Then Try This (previously known as FoAM Kernow) from December.
Here's their new web site: thentrythis.org/
Here's how Amber and Dave made the company: fo.am/blog/2015/04/07/how-to-m
+ the latest articles of association and policies: github.com/fo-am/foam-kernow
can't wait to get started..

07.06.21 18:00 at coco.ruumio.com:

Yulia Sandamirskaya will show examples of algorithms and applications of |ic computing technology and sketch future research directions in this fast growing & exciting field.

Cleaned up my yesterday and found a box with old and food storage of some mice plus mouse poop.
These are all examples of doing the same thing over and over again, my focus shifted from walking to and music, the stayed the same. Enjoy and slow .

super happy to co-host:
Collective Conditions – by Elodie Mugrefya and Femke Snelting

This talk starts from five Codes of Conduct that are currently being used by trans*feminist collectives, intersectional activists and by hackspaces. How to make sure that these self-invented rules are generative and do not turn into excluding law-like ways of doing?

When: 19.04.2021 – 17:00 h
Where: ac.techsi.de/ in the mainstage. To join in later, use the direct link: jitsi.shinytoys.eu/Mainstage-6

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