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today i am enjoying very much the shinytoys festival, for pandemic reasons i am playing alone in a room, where i also will sleep later, the public is online, but there are a few, very few people in the house a.k.a makroscope. you can enjoy the show here:

The back-up server mirrors the restroom in a shelve, also somewhere in the back of our workshop to not annoy us too much

Soon i will have to replace this machine, a mac g4, ubuntu long term support for ppc will end april 2021. This machine has been running 24/7 since 2007 serving , christian.faubel.derstrudel.or , werdeteildesgesamtwiderstand.e , plus e-mail. Because it is a bit loud it has been banned to the restroom.

Starting to work on the conceptual framework of a lab that will focus on re-thinking computation, re-thinking mainly framed as working through thoughts already thought. As a starter here is a quote from Donald E. Knuth's Classic The Art of Computer Programming Vol. 1 page 5. defining what sets apart an algorithm from a computational method:

opening of our installation and double feature performance with Karen Geyer, live stream is already on, we start at 20:00

my contribution to this years xcoax conference: “Kauschlauch Modulations”. Rhythms that lock onto each other, minimal polyrhythms, continuous drift, rest, constant movement, no standstill.

I have been tempted to follow my friends and colleagues to tweet and be present on social media for a long time now. Finally I decided to give Mastodon a try. expect mainly random announcements.


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