i found a beauty of a little book last weekend while in Portland (on a weekend away! no work! no conference!). and no i don’t have a loom, i have an industrial knitting machine. but this is still supremely fascinating to me.

coming to work from whidbey island was the best decision evar. clean air, great views :)

heading up to whidbey island today to escape the smoke from the forest fires in British Columbia that has been stuck in Seattle for weeks. maybe i'll even see an orca or two from the shore. i'm going to work on hand finishing my knitwear outdoors in a park with clean air for a few days. my lungs can't wait!

i got some of the early seedlings planted out today in one of my raised beds: sugar snap peas, heirloom dwarf grey sugar snow peas, three types of kale, arugula, and borage. before planting i lightly forked the bed, moved most of the straw off it (will go into my compost bin), added worm castings and azomite rock dust, and put down the drip hose again. veggies soon!

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i got to visit multiple households with cats yesterday. checkout these cuties 😻

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"dynamically computes the colour states of individual mesoscopic skin scales to produce the corresponding macroscopic colour pattern. Using numerical simulations and mathematical derivation, we identify how a discrete von Neumann cellular automaton emerges from a continuous Turing reaction–diffusion system."
nature.com/nature/journal/v544 mastodon.social/media/-waBUF60 (h/t @nature@twitter.com)

// Nerdgasm

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Oh my goodness, the Tufted Coquette looks like a patchwork quilt. I want one.

omg just got a gift of vacuum caps from K6KWF! guess i need to host a magnetic loop antenna building party!

i went to an awesome petrified tree state park visitor center today in eastern WA. it was straight out of the 1950's -- perfectly preserved and awesomely vintage. then i hiked a trail with petrified trees.

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um, i might be in a zombie movie. i found a sunny beach on a lake and there is no one here. it is absolutely deserted.

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achievement unlocked! found some blue skies and sunshine ☀️

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leaving on a spontaneous trip, trying to ditch the rainy western side of Washington state to the hopefully dryer eastern Washington. adventure!

finally started seeds for my veggie and herb garden! w00t. 🍉🥗🌶🍅 trying out a bunch of new-to-me heirloom varietals. also potted up my "Dessert King" fig tree and potted some cuttings from a neighbor's purple tree collards. my veggie bed is all prepped, lots of worms. two months ago i forked it lightly, put compost and straw on it. strawberry patch overwintered wonderfully.

i'm going to add a second slightly narrower raised bed + a small raised herb bed. all will be on auto drip water again!

talking about the weather 

it's been so rainy here in seattle that a day where it stops raining for a few hours is celebrated as much as a sunny day. can't wait for summer! as they say here, summer doesn't start until July 4th. :/ 🌧🌧🌧💦💧

at least my garden is happy. my dug-up-free-off-craigslist roses are set to have a banner year. my compost bin is on fleek. both kinds of strawberries overwintered just fine. my big veggie bed is happy with compost/worms/straw. now i just need to start seeds!

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