Going onto everyone's curious cat and asking if they liked the movie "Mr Deeds"

long honk 

You ever just find some weird piece of detritus on you and have no idea how it got there?

Anyway enough about my wife....

I give it a month until the KrassenBros are on Mastodon

I look like someone took a physically fit person and stuffed mashed potatoes under their skin like you would butter in a Thanksgiving turkey.

I curse my horrendous eating habits in my 20s

Know who we haven't heard from in a while? Angela Nagle.

Let's keep it that way

Any of my mufos Irish? Heading there at the end of the month.

The marriage industry is just rent seeking writ large

Bagel bites, in the park
Thinking bout Alf and tiddy

Doing a trial run of tucking my shirt into my underwear today

Hey real quick I thought this dbag had made a big show of leaving masto/social media so why is he in my trends

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