Has anyone read Gideon the Ninth? Does it get better? It’s a compelling setting, but the protagonist is so hateable that I haven’t gotten past the first few chapters, and don’t know that I want to. De gustibus, or have I not read far enough?

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If you photocopy this book and publish it online and you are sued for it, I will defend you for free.

Not if you shoplift it though.


(To be clear, I'm not guaranteeing that we would win - but this would be a rockin fun fair use case)

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Still fascinating how easily prosecutors shift from hero to villain for Americans depending on the identity of the defendant.

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@iamGrushenka @BluskyeAllison People complain about anonymous accounts on twitter. This is why we’re anonymous. I’m sorry this happened to you and I’m sickened that it happens at all, women should not need to be anonymous in order to speak.

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@Goodtweet_man A food becomes a culture’s food not because they invented it, but because they embraced it so thoroughly and wrapped it up over time in so many cultural **associations** that it becomes “theirs”

This is also why hotdogs are American, not German.

Great thread.
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My sincere answer for why tankies reemerged five years ago is that movements are social hierarchies and newbie teens don't want to compete for status in existing illegible/inaccessible spaces like anarchism, so they resurrected a dead/empty scene that had trappings of status. twitter.com/Marusya_1312/statu

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OK so everyone has seen the "viral" photo going around of the piles of mailboxes in Wisconsin being used as evidence that Trump is sabotaging USPS. Problem is, they have been there for years: Hartford Finishing Inc. powder coats and refurbishes the old mailboxes. (1/8)

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This is the best part.

I coax magicians into pacifying angry spirits trapped in labyrinths of cursed poisoned sand, and if my magis slip up a bit, a gas pipeline may explode and kill people. twitter.com/spiderfoods/status

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“Do you known what it is like to find your drug-addled, drug-crazed nightmares put together at a penny a word ten years ago are all coming true? I’m living in my world and I can’t stand it.” -- Philip K. Dick, 1974.

If anyone has been looking at getting into 3D printing, this is legitimately a good deal. I just got an Ender 3 as my 3rd printer. Setup was straightforward, build area is decent, quality was good right out of the box. I got a slightly upgraded one, but this one reviews well.
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Great News!
Don't miss this opportunity
Original Price $199 Now $170 for Ender 3. Best price ever!
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In Hanoi, under French colonial rule, a program paying people a bounty for each rat tail handed in was intended to exterminate rats. Instead, it led to the farming of rats. twitter.com/zerohedge/status/1

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no one disaggregates

no one reads chart labels

no one reads axes

no one constructs alternate hypotheses

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this makes perfect sense when you realize that "homes sold" is not the same set as "homes".

The richest are the most able to escape the cities, and so the houses that are being sold right now disproportionately reflect the sorts of houses upper middle class people would buy twitter.com/BullandBaird/statu

In which the FIRE continues to be what you wish the ACLU still was.
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Auburn University says it’s exploring “options” as a lecturer’s anti-police comments and abolitionist views anger a state legislator. thefire.org/lecturers-anti-pol

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Amazing how 20-somethings think anyone older than them is a “Boomer.” I was beating up on boomers literally before they were born. .

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Devil worshippers crack me up! Why would you want to worship someone who lost a fiddle contest to a hillbilly in Georgia?

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This is thuggish putinism blooming, and frankly I'd rather suffer tiktok twitter.com/prestonjbyrne/stat

Worked for the Marines for a year. Now one daughter is obsessed with V-22s and the other is eating crayons. Can’t make this stuff up.

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