“Simplicity is a great virtue but it requires hard work to achieve it and education to appreciate it. And to make matters worse: complexity sells better.” ― Edsger W. Dijkstra

@federico3 I definitely find that when it comes to DGGS for example.

Coordinates are a simple way to represent location, but they're commonplace enough that people think they are. I gave (part of) a talk on that this week.

@alcinnz @federico3 You meant to say they aren't a simple way to represent location?

We should have picked a perfect sphere to live on.

@clacke @federico3 One where the land doesn't move under our feet, amongst other things.

Then there's the issue we often forget about of (compounded) accuracy; how big is a point?

AND people should remember to do the maths as if the earth wasn't flat!

@alcinnz @federico3 Are you saying that if I go 9 degrees west, there is no guarantee that I have traveled 1000 km?? 😀

People do that?

@clacke @federico3 But also I'd certainly call coordinates and their "DGGS" alternative "software-engineering". Because it's how we represent and process location in computers.

@alcinnz @federico3 What is DGGS? I just assumed it meant something similar to GIS, but you seem to be saying something else here.

@clacke @federico3 Yes it is similar to GIS. It's a new representation for geographic areas being standardized by the OGC and ISO.

Put simply you tesselate regular polygons across the earth's surface, and fill each of those with more regular polygons forming a hierarchy to which you can consistantly assign identifiers. From there you can describe any area using a set of those identifiers.

So that processing them involves little more than set operators.

@alcinnz @federico3 Is the idea that these polygons can be persistent in terms of the human "yes this is the same place" as the earth moves around?

current IT and Web business is based in ophuscating underlying (most of the times... convoluted ?) techniques ... @federico3

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